July 31

Talk about online booking

today, a friend sent me the e net he’s running now. Let me see. It was talked about a year ago. Apply the reservation mode of the restaurant website to the digital product maintenance industry. When talking about this, I really not sure he can do it in this industry, the industry with Fantong by industry and different life several times, the opportunity to repair mobile phone notebook? Today, tomorrow may forget. Or know there is such a place nearby after maintenance, often go to the. Is this site useful in geometry? read more

July 31

Personal experience of doing a station

recently failed to update, but a lot of things in the diary which records, now want to master change, mainly because the person is not suitable for too complex sites, as well 123 of this site is the most appropriate. After all, the need of manpower is small but can play a huge effect, if a professional site, that can be, the key is how you can continue to update the development of industries like ah, comprehensive ah, this kind of problem is not to encroach on the person, it is impossible to achieve, garbage the station is OK, but also have their own characteristics, if we can do better than the original, it is not a waste. read more

July 31

Summary of a week of site construction of rookie webmaster

as a new generation now, popular network as long as three represents the same, we can’t imagine what it was like suddenly without a network, said before the occasional power cuts we can come to a romantic candlelight dinner ", but we call romance, broken network for several days, estimated that the society harmony to have the crisis. Every time I surf the Internet, see so many beautiful sites, the heart always itch, just like the North floating population dream hope to buy a house in Beijing, the face can not only increase the price or only at the Housing helplessly, in fact, there are houses, is not up to us to live. Although now everywhere can open a blog to settle down, but after all, just feel like renting, too many rules, and sometimes have to look at the landlord’s face. Think about, or to build a station for yourself. read more

July 31

There are five reasons why you don’t need to speak in an undertaking

, a management scholar, once said: "entrepreneurship, in fact, everyone will succeed.". Only some people are bound by old ideas, and lose the best time to succeed, and fail to be lucky darlings." The fact is, before the fear wolves ahead and tigers, how successful? These five common reasons, the entrepreneur is "taboo". If you stumble over it, success will be in the air.

one reason: there’s not enough money,

many people eager to start business, said, in fact, they do not like to work, but because the funds are not enough, it is not entrepreneurship. Square Training Center General Manager Wei said, "that’s just not dare to start an excuse.". He told the author that when he opened the computer training, there was only one 486 of the second-hand computer, and started an entrepreneurial career in a house on the seven floor. If you want to start the funds, all add up to less than 3000 yuan. Can you go, not to stop. After a few years of hard work, not only the computer replacement, but also to their small reputation in the industry, fixed assets over millions. He often said, "business doesn’t need much money.". If you have too much money, you don’t have to start a business." read more

July 31

Preliminary preparation of personal entrepreneur operating website

individuals in the preparation of becoming a personal webmaster before, how should you begin to prepare or plan their own site? This article is based on personal entrepreneurship failure lessons summarized, and may have reference point.

1. When you are positioning your website, you should first consider personal interests and familiar industries.

personal interest can make you even in a very strange industry or interest also interested in mining information and resources within the industry or interest, which can provide more professional or reference price information is presented on your site, if you are interest has accomplishment, such as writing is you of interest, and we often write something, some of them have been published, so this is the accumulation of resources can be, you also have some related friends, this is the site, can be relatively easy to get the first batch of website supporters, start points to more application. read more

July 31

Share the plant network make money those secrets that can be said

there are several important Guan Jian words: personal, time, energy, money and profit.

‘s attitude to the project:

is a company operating in the city are developed basically, and the model is very mature, to do this project or can, in order to earn money to make things, must be specific, practical to do. Because we are personal webmaster, so the main thing is to use the website to make money, you can say simply open a intermediary company, not really, can really like that, better to a level, unless you have that ability. read more

July 29

As a webmaster should understand the necessary knowledge of Essentials

We all know that

is not the website Zhan Tao process down as we imagine. He reached for it as long as the space, is not the case, after the website upload is completed, the next thing is how to make your website talent shows itself in all sites, this is the topic we have today.

1, SEO website optimization of several cheating means.

SEO must understand the basic means of cheating, the purpose is to avoid the use of the relevant means no opinion of what was said, a general comparison of several commonly used methods, I said, you know that the first thing to do, and then understand, here, first of all you need to know something about the HTML code. read more

July 29

How did Friendster the founder of social networking fail

After the crash of Friendster,

, computer scientists have conducted a digital autopsy to try to identify the cause of death of the once prominent social networking giant".

Google search volume of


Friendster is a social network created in 2002, a year earlier than MySpace, two years earlier than Facebook. As a result, this site is often regarded as the originator of the social networking field". During the peak period, the number of users of the social network was far more than 100 million, mainly in the Southeast Asian market. read more

July 29

China’s nternet does not need state run

found more and more countries on the development of the Internet and management intervention is too strong, I as a grassroots webmaster (bubble webmaster statistics: http://s.www.pppop.cn) does not understand the intention of the depth of it could make analysis, but here, I just express my views:

was started, the local site, to say visibility, I think, we should first think of is the local information port, but to say how the business, we can only say, years ago, now a year than a year. I want to hold such a view should be accounted for more than 90%, around the harbor is almost non-existent, the previous development is so brilliant, because leaders have not put this business as a key development, causes the information across Hong Kong became a bubble, a pool of stagnant water, nothing new. read more

July 29

Back to the old Zhao why CMS only included the TAG page

TAG: "the old Zhao random CMS is welcome by Baidu." after Baidu went to SITE, a few old Zhao error correcting.

DEDECMS can be said to be the webmaster do garbage station tool. If this thing last year, I will certainly encourage everyone to use Dede to collect, to do web site. However, SITE old Zhao site found only included TAG page, I want to be sure there is a problem on the site, the following talk about the advantages and disadvantages of DEDECMS in Baidu.

when you find the site in SITE only included the home page or TAG page, and use DEDECMS, I dare say, more than eighty percent is the data collection site, or artificial collection. We are facing more and more Baidu smart, now ordinary collection has no need for personal webmaster, I even have a site, DEDECMS, the old corn weight included second days on page K off the content of the page, then lead to the entire HTML directory is K off. read more

July 29

Ants have a lot to learn from our roots

these days it rains at the entrance of the large, 5 cm long was immersed in water at home, really dangerous, I do not know why, always have a kind of love to listen to the rain pops, perhaps is that the rain can wash away the hearts of all depressed unhappy.

stood at the window watching the occasional heave rain, surprised to find that an ant is carrying its food "flying", suddenly feeling a lot, that we should have same incredible, isn’t it? The ant is very small, we do not small? In the universe, even in the network we are small, sometimes people don’t know we exist; the ant for food every day looking around, we are not so? Whether it is business or do stand, are for their "food" and busy, even all through the night, day and night fighting. read more

July 28

China’s top PR web site is so ugly

PR, that is, PageRank, the level of importance of the web technology (almost everyone knows it). PR is taken from Google founder Larry Page, a part of the Google ranking algorithm (ranking formula) that identifies the rank / importance of a web page. Levels range from 1 to 10, and level 10 is perfect. The higher the PR value, the more popular the web page (the more important). For example: a PR value of 1 of the site shows that the site is not very popular, and the PR value of 6 to 10, indicating that this site is very popular (or extremely important). read more

July 28

20 days Baidu upgrade ranking Road

What is the Baidu

ranking? How fast the rankings? Online say a lot, but if you don’t have to go to the optimization of the system, so everything is fleeting, here to share this time on a website optimization experience.

some time ago received a client to do optimization, get to the station after analysis, I feel a lot of problems. Baidu keyword search index: 825, quantity: 1410000, although this site even nearly 2000, but the ranking is still very poor, certainly not even the problem of ranked in the top ten websites of Baidu home page analysis, found that they even are not many, so that is not the chain, should be the following question: read more

July 28

Common problems in enterprise website construction

for enterprises do not understand, and often do not go to choose some good procedures, so much more…… Recently saw some enterprises, basically have the following problems.

1, the title and content of the search results are repeated: titles are generally not well defined and optimized, and most titles are repeated.


2, and not to define key words superimposed according to their own company or website theme, just have to get popular keywords lively, results get two empty, even their own brand or company names are not to the front row. read more

July 28

t’s not a garbage dump at the dump station

what is a garbage station? A lot of copying, copying, advertising, you can not find the article text, the layout and some famous standing exactly the same, this is the garbage station,


website just launched on the collection of hundreds of thousands of data, the content is completely someone else has copied rotten so-called "classic article", this is the garbage station,

I can tell you, you can really make a dumpster, but you can master this title has a difference of one hundred and eight thousand in! The so-called garbage station, not the contents of others is not rubbish! Open your website, the Trojan on his computer that! Really is not trash, garbage, and sad is rubbish station webmaster now, there is no real meaning to the taste of the dumpster, that as long as the death defying collection line! Good tone, Baidu executives is your father or the boss GG read more

July 28

LittleThings the former is the electricity supplier but in the video site broke through a day

2010, Alex Zhardanovsky and Joe Speiser set up a "Petflow" electricity supplier website, operating pet food sales and delivery business.

in fact, Petflow has raised $15 million from Lightspeed, Venture, Partners and other venture capitalists. Speiser said that Petflow maintained the idea of attracting potential customers, created Facebook pages in 2011 and shared pet photos on it, which was also a good way to attract eyeballs.

"Between 2010 and 2014, we built a very large customer base by selling pet food," read more

July 25

nteractive design of Web sites of online educational institutions nnovation in the absence of inno

Zhang Diou (school CEO


this is a good article, it is in the implementation of product design, studied the different mode of domestic online education institutions, at the same time with the end users to exchange a lot, has accumulated some experience in design. Today, the importance of online education product design has become the consensus of the industry, as a third party platform operators, hoping to share some feelings with the industry to explore, with a view to the number of experts.

noted that this paper only online education website exists as the network of educational institutions here, those with a single point of breakthrough of the network learning website (for example, the word back, curriculum, exercise is not included). read more

July 24

Some minor details that should be taken into account in website administration

many people are writing how SEO, how the original article, how to advertise. But apart from this, there are small details that require special attention.

I made http://s.www.socotton.com China cotton trading network in 06 years, and it has gone through a lot today. I also realized some small things. May be forgotten, and here to share with you, from the point of view of the management of the site, how to do better, more help user experience.

begins with the user’s first step and begins to alert the user: read more

July 24

Talking about the repeated strength in the unconscious of website operation

in the operation of website products, the repeated force in the unconscious is also a direction that needs to be paid attention to. In the past, there was a kind of advertisement that was most annoying in TV commercials. It was simply the name of the brand which was called several times. Companies are not paying for advertising, so why are they so annoying? That’s because advertising planners even have to repeat the force. Even though the method used is stupid and stupid, it still works at a given time. read more

July 24

User operation of mobile browser

until now every day in the computer on the Internet, often cannot do without the PC browser, either IE or third party browser, and everyone on the computer will often have two or more than two of the browser. Similarly, in the mobile phone terminal Internet we also need to use the browser, some people may say that I only need to use the browser how WeChat? WeChat itself to open a page using the WeChat or provide their own web browser, so the browser is very important for Internet users is also very critical. In the mobile terminal, mobile phone browser is also more and more, in the end some of the PC browser in the mobile phone App application store also basically can be found, for the mobile phone browser and PC browser will have the same understanding there are differences, especially from the operational point of view, we should pay more attention to mobile phone browser user operation. read more