October 7

Wynne announces 29 billion transit plan

Premier Kathleen Wynne gave a few hints, but no solid answers today about how the government plans to fund transit over the next decade.The Premier says she has a $29 billion plan for transportation in the province over the next 10 years, and she says it is fully funded. The $29 billion investment would be split between the Hamilton- Toronto area, getting $15 billion, and the rest of the province, which would have $14 billion available. Wynne says the money will not come from increases to the gas tax, HST, or income tax for low to middle income earners. More of the gas taxes we currently pay will be diverted directly to transit, and there will be high occupancy toll lanes. But where will the new money come from? “The details will be laid out in the budget and I know you want me to scoop the budget but Charles would be very very upset,” the Premier said today. Of course the plan is contingent on passing the budget this spring. “If we cannot get the support of the opposition, we’ll take this plan to the people of the province.”In a statement the NDP said they don’t trust the wasteful Liberals, and the Tories, in a morning announcement, said they would build subways in Toronto immediately upon election, without raising taxes. However, there was no mention of the rest of the province. “A lot of things that happen in Toronto benefit the rest of the province, this is the business hub of the rest of the province. What’s good for Toronto is good for the province, ” says PC MPP Doug Holyday.

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