March 2

Turn On & Tune In To This Sitar-Based Version Of “Dark Star” From German Psych-Folk Duo Fit & Limo [Listen]

first_imgThere are few recordings from the songbook of American rock artists as psychedelic as the Grateful Dead‘s 1968 masterpiece, “Dark Star”. The Counterculture-era anthem was a staple in the band’s setlists during the “Primal Dead” years of the late 1960s and early 1970s. Other artists have attempted to reach the same level or orbital space rock with recent covers of the song from The Flaming Lips as well as Joe Russo/Cass McCombs, who each recorded their respective versions of the heady single for the 2016 tribute compilation, Day of the Dead.There was one band, however, which seemed to perfectly capture the pure and unabridged flow of cosmic psychedelia set forth by Jerry Garcia and company. That would be Fit & Limo, a “psychedelic folk” duo from Germany who recorded their very impressive version of “Dark Star” on their 1998 album, The Serpent Unrolled.Related: The Grateful Dead Revive “Dark Star” At The Nassau Coliseum, On This Day In 1979Fit & Limo’s worldly version of “Dark Star” utilizes a rich mix of instrumentation used more by musicians from international cultures, including sitar, tabla, shakers, and some kind of mandolin. The two musicians take their time stepping into the musical realm where the song exists, with their instruments easing the listener into the 8:27-minute recording before the opening lyrics come in at the 3:13 mark. Minds should already be melted into a swirling ooze of melodic bliss by the time the female duo comes in with the first verse of the song. The two vocalists even provide their own spin on the song’s lyrical melody during the outro lyrics, “Shall we go, you and I while we can, through the transitive nightfall of diamonds?”Following the initial lyrics, the song continues into the mystic abyss with the instruments solely taking the listener further into the transitive nightfall of notation, courtesy of an added flute and jaw harp. The two singers return with their own brief lyrical stanzas starting again at the 6:49-minute mark. Fans can step into the void by listening to the entire recording in the audio-only video below.Fit & Limo – “Dark Star”[Video: Dave Bin]According to the video’s page on YouTube, the band’s videos are not available online here in America, so enjoy this psychedelic gift from the universe… while we can. Fans can also purchase the CD version of the album on Amazon for a manageable $21.last_img read more

March 1

New short-term journalism fellowship at Nieman

first_imgThe Nieman Foundation for Journalism is offering a new research and study opportunity at Harvard: a short-term visiting fellowship for individuals wishing to work on special projects designed to advance journalism.Those who should consider applying include publishers, programmers, Web designers, media analysts, academics, journalists and others interested in enhancing quality, building new business models or designing programs to improve journalism. The proposed project may be completed during the time spent at Harvard or be part of a larger undertaking.Unlike traditional Nieman Fellowships that last for two semesters, the new Nieman Visiting Fellowships will last from a few weeks to several months, depending on the scope of the project.Nieman Visiting Fellows will have access to the extensive resources at Harvard, including the university’s many scholars, research centers and libraries. Successful applicants also will have the opportunity to work with the Nieman Fellows and the various standing and evolving projects housed at the Nieman Foundation (Nieman Reports, the Nieman Journalism Lab, Nieman Storyboard and other initiatives).U.S. and international candidates are welcome to apply. The Nieman Foundation will offer up to three visiting fellowships each year, beginning as early as January 2013. For the first selection round, applications must be received by Nov. 19, 2012.last_img read more

March 1

Pforzheimer Fellows: what they learned

first_img Read Full Story The inaugural Pforzheimer Fellows program ended with the summer, but each of the four fellows said the experience had a lasting impact on how they understand and use libraries.The program, launched earlier this year for humanities graduate students interested in learning about emerging library fields, exposed the fellows to new materials as well as to how libraries function behind the scenes. “You see things in a different way,” said James McSpadden, who worked with the Heinrich Bruning collection in the University Archives. He uses the collection extensively in his research, and spent the summer compiling rich descriptions of materials and creating a finding aid. “To make this collection that I care about available to other researchers is such an amazing experience.”At the Schlesinger Library, Bradley Craig digitized a collection about the 19th-century African American educator Charlotte Hawkins Brown, using a hover cam. Once the digitization was complete, Craig curated an online exhibit drawing on the conventions of a modern college admissions website for Brown’s now-defunct Palmer Memorial Institute.last_img read more

December 20

Brazilian Air Force Psychologists Bring Their Expertise to Haiti

first_imgBy Dialogo May 07, 2012 For the first time ever, psychologists employed by the Brazilian Air Force have been sent to a United Nations peacekeeping mission overseas in order to identify and understand the stresses that affect troops doing this kind of work. Last December, a team from the Air Force Psychology Institute (IPA) shadowed a Brazilian infantry battalion from Manaus that had been deployed to Port-au-Prince as part of the UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH). The objective: to improve the training of soldiers sent on similar missions in the future. “It was a unique professional experience,” said Lt. Fabrícia Barros de Souza, a psychologist. “Our soldiers were very receptive, and contributed in a meaningful way to the data collection. They all showed they are highly qualified and mission-driven professionals.” The Brazilian Air Force offers air support to the Brazilian contingent within MINUSTAH and more recently has begun deploying infantry troops. The first infantry units arrived in February 2011 from the northeastern Brazilian cities of Recife, Natal and Fortaleza, but were later replaced by the platoon from Manaus, which remained until the end of April. “We believe it is of that upmost importance that, along with technical and operational excellence, we consider and constantly monitor the psychosocial aspects involved in a mission of this nature,” said Maj. Luis Felipe, an Air Force spokesman. The aim is to ensure that Brazilian troops — which have been in Haiti since 2004 — perform effectively without any harm to their safety and occupational health. Mission objectives The first contingent of Air Force troops deployed to Haiti underwent psychological assessments to determine if any had personal or family-related problems that could cause problems during or after the mission. “The project addresses the issue of stress in peace operations, as a specific part of the daily work of the Brazilian military,” explained Felipe. “Since this monitoring requires a feedback loop, we included a study of professional profiles and a survey of stressors, which would provide legitimacy to the work done with each new soldier.” Lt. Col. Ana Lúcia Lopez, deputy director of the Air Force Psychology Institute, helped her team conduct individual and group interviews, lectures and videoconferences; team members also participated in the daily routines of the soldiers they observed. “The work routine was intense and its results represent only the beginning of a bold venture that seeks to gain visibility for the role of psychology in the operational realm,” said Barros de Souza. Sources of stress Perhaps because these soldiers are not fighting a full-fledged war, it’s easy to underestimate the many sources of stress peacekeepers face, and the long-term effects of that stress. These include being away from the family, living in a different culture and the local conflicts that characterize these kinds of mission. In Haiti, this stress is exacerbated by the extremely poor living conditions of the local population; verbal aggression from some Haitians; the risk of sickness or death from infectious diseases; vulnerability to acts of violence without the ability to respond with weapons; the lack of communication resources to keep in touch with friends and family back home, and — perhaps worst of all — an inability to significantly improve the lives of local people. “The complexity of peace missions has also to do with placing the military in a new situation,” explained Felipe. “It is different than in traditional war, which from the psychological point of view is identified with uncertainty and the unknown.” In this case, he said, “there is also no enemy, which turns the objective of these operations in something more complicated than merely winning. These obstacles not only compromise the performance of the mission, but affect motivation and endanger a soldier’s physical and mental health.” The way forward The aim of the individual and group interviews was to collect data, but Felipe said “we were at their disposal if there was a need for intervention.” Despite limited contact with the locals, the Brazilian team left Port-au-Prince with the distinct impression that Haitians are quite receptive to MINUSTAH’s presence — especially children, who picked up the psychologists’ names in a heartbeat. “The troops say that the smiles of those children are a motivating factor for their work and, in a way, mitigate the adverse conditions of the mission,” said Felipe.last_img read more

December 17

NAFCU-backed reg relief bills slated for review today

first_img 9SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr continue reading » NAFCU on Tuesday lodged support for several regulatory relief bills slated for mark-up today by the House Financial Services Committee, including measures related to Home Mortgage Disclosure Act improvements (H.R. 2954) and tailoring of regulations to limit burdens on affected institutions (H.R. 1116).“We appreciate the Committee’s continued efforts to provide regulatory relief and create an environment in which credit unions can thrive,” wrote NAFCU Vice President of Legislative Affairs Brad Thaler.The mark-up of 23 bills, in total, begins at 10 a.m. Eastern today. Thaler detailed in his letter to House Financial Services Committee Chairman Jeb Hensarling, R-Texas, and Ranking Member Maxine Waters, D-Calif., 10 bills NAFCU is watching and how they would help credit unions.last_img read more

December 17

3 ways to make some extra cash during quarantine

first_img 43SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,John Pettit John Pettit is the Managing Editor for John manages the content on the site, including current news, editorial, press releases, jobs and events. He keeps the credit union … Web: Details The coronavirus quarantine can be frustrating, especially for those who aren’t able to work from home. When you’re not able to work, it adds a whole new layer of worry to your coronavirus fears. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can try and make some extra cash while staying at home. If you’re in a tight spot financially, here are a few ideas to get you started…Sell your content: Okay, you can’t really expect anyone to buy your blog, but you can try and monetize it! If you’ve got a decent following and you think this is a possible next step for you and your blog, here’s some advice to help you get started.Sell your creations: Whatever it is that you like to create (crafts, trinkets, leather goods, custom denim) it’s never been easier to sell your stuff online. Open up an account on Etsy and your first sale will hopefully get you excited about the next one. Once you’re set up, it should be fairly easy to maintain. Plus, you’ll love your new boss.Sell your photographs: Is there anyone who doesn’t do photography on the side these days? If you’ve taken some great photos over the years, why not turn those pics into cash? Check out iStock by Getty Images and start making royalties off of your JPGs. The bigger your portfolio, the better.These are just a few ideas for making extra cash. If you’re in need of some extra dough, there are tons of other ways you can earn money without ever leaving the house. Fire up the “Google-machine” and find the right idea for you.last_img read more

December 16

Gordon Heights Home Invasion Shooting Probed

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York A person was shot and another was pistol-whipped during a recent Gordon Heights home invasion, one of two such cases two days apart that Suffolk County police are investigating, authorities said.Two men armed with handguns entered a home on Dunton Avenue, hit a man in the head with a gun and shot another victim in the leg before the assailants stole an Xbox gaming console at 2:10 a.m. Saturday, June 20, police said.Then at 1:20 a.m. Monday, June 22, two men armed with a gun broke the front glass door of an East Elm Street home in Central Islip and stole money and a cell phone, police said.The victims in the first case were treated at a local hospital. The victims in the second case were not harmed.There were neither any arrests made nor descriptions of the suspects available in either case, police said.Detectives are continuing the investigations.last_img read more

October 19

On the campaign trail: Biden ad slams Buttigieg, ‘What you’ve done matters’

first_imgTopics : Here is what is happening in New Hampshire on the campaign trail.After what has been a mostly affable Democratic campaign, Biden’s team pulled off the gloves and targeted the 38-year-old Buttigieg with a withering digital ad that pits Biden’s decades of experience in public life against that of the former mayor.The ad makes liberal use of popular former President Barack Obama in a belittling rundown of the ex-mayor’s small-town issues and also takes a swipe at his troubled record with African Americans.It shows Biden helping pass the Affordable Care Act while Buttigieg installed decorative lights under city bridges; Biden helping secure the Iran nuclear deal while Buttigieg negotiated lighter regulations for pet chip scanners; Biden helping save the US auto industry while Buttigieg “revitalized the sidewalks of downtown South Bend” with decorative brick. The ad, which will run on Facebook and YouTube in New Hampshire, extols Biden’s work on the assault weapons ban, while noting that Buttigieg forced out the city’s black police chief.”We’re electing a president. What you’ve done matters,” the ad says in closing.Buttigieg spokesman Chris Meagher derided the spot as Washington politics as usual that trivialized the concerns of ordinary communities. “The Vice President’s decision to run this ad speaks more to where he currently stands in this race than it does about Pete’s perspective as a mayor and veteran,” he said.Biden, 77, finished a distant fourth in Iowa and all but conceded he would lose New Hampshire in the first moments of a Democratic debate on Friday night.For months, people close to the Biden campaign had said going negative would be harmful to his political brand, which is built around empathy and optimism.But his poor finish in Iowa seems to have altered that calculus. In New Hampshire, he has been much more critical of his rivals by name. The Buttigieg ad marks a significant escalation that likely carries some risk of blowback.At a campaign event in Manchester, New Hampshire, Biden began to re-frame himself as an underdog.”I’ve never paid attention to all this front-runner talk since I entered the race.” He listed various political and personal setbacks on his life. “I know nothing comes easy.”He repeated his warning that nominating Buttigieg or Sanders would be an unacceptable risk for Democrats.In line with the ad, he made light of Buttigieg’s tenure as mayor of South Bend, saying there was a difference between managing the budget of a small city and his own work marshaling the $900 billion Recovery Act economic stimulus package through Congress after the 2008-2009 recession.Of Sanders, Biden said for all his time in Congress, Sanders had made no progress in getting his Medicare for All plan passed. “He hasn’t been able to move the ball a single inch.”The latest Suffolk University tracking poll of New Hampshire Democratic voters shows Buttigieg with 25% to Sanders’ 24%, within the 4.4 point margin of error and showing a clear split between the moderate from Indiana and the party’s progressive standard-bearer from neighboring Vermont.In the two-day tracking poll of 500 likely Democratic primary voters, Buttigieg has risen 14 points since the first poll was published Feb. 3.Warren, Sanders’ fellow liberal from next-door Massachusetts, was third with 14% and Biden finished fourth with 11%, the poll showed. The other candidates were in single digits with 7% of voters undecided.A CNN poll conducted by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center showed Sanders still holding a lead but with Buttigieg swiftly gaining on him.Campaigning far from New Hampshire, in Oklahoma City, billionaire Democratic candidate Michael Bloomberg racked up another endorsement on Saturday, this one from a Michigan Democrat elected in 2018 in a district that Trump carried two years earlier.US Representative Haley Stevens, one of 31 Democrats who represent congressional districts that Trump won in 2016. “Michigan needs an economic champion in the White House,” she declared in a statement.Another of those Democrats, former Navy helicopter pilot Mikie Sherrill, endorsed Bloomberg on Thursday, as did the former Secretary of the Navy Richard Spencer, who on Friday became the first high-level former Trump administration official to back a Democratic hopeful in the 2020 election.center_img Democrats scrambled to gain an edge with voters on Saturday on the last weekend before the party’s next presidential nominating contest in New Hampshire, where Pete Buttigieg began drawing fire as the candidate on the rise.The former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, ended up in a virtual tie with US Senator Bernie Sanders in results that trickled in from Monday’s Iowa caucuses. Both men claimed victory, while US Senator Elizabeth Warren followed in third place and former Vice President Joe Biden trailed in fourth.The problems that plagued the caucuses overshadowed any victory bump before New Hampshire’s contest on Tuesday and cast a pall as the Democratic Party began the process of picking a nominee to face Republican President Donald Trump in November.last_img read more

September 29

Switzerland’s Fisch launches fund for Pensionskasse, opens for third parties

first_imgSwiss boutique Fisch Asset Management has transferred the CHF20m (€16.3m) in the Pensionskasse for its employees to a new fund that it is now opening for other pension funds.The multi-asset fund will start with investments in convertibles – which will comprise 50% of its portfolio to begin with – money market instruments, government bonds, corporate bonds (both investment grade and high yield) and managed futures, according to Patrick Gügi, chief executive at Fisch.Equities will “mainly be avoided”, as Gügi said he was convinced investors were “insufficiently compensated for the high volatility” in this asset class.He cited studies such as the ‘Equity Premium Puzzle’ and ‘Triumph of the Optimists’ on the return of equities since 1900 for his caution. Similarly, commodities and currency exposure were “not part of the strategic asset allocation”, as again, investors were “not sufficiently compensated for the risk in these asset classes over the long term”, he said.However, equities, commodities and currency exposure can be added on a tactical level to the Fisch MultiAsset Manta Plus fund, which seeks a return of 4% above money market annually over the long-term and a positive return over each three-year period, Gügi said.“For example, it can make sense for a euro-investor to have a tactical exposure to Swiss francs over certain periods,” he added.Gügi said Fisch would not consider real estate or infrastructure at the moment, as the risk premium with these asset classes such as liquidity and economic growth could be “invested cheaper via other asset classes”.He confirmed the fund, which is to be launched at the beginning of June for Swiss and foreign investors, will start with around CHF30m.The Fisch Pensionskasse, launched in 2007, is currently 108% funded and was so far “invested using a similar approach” to that of the fund.However, Fisch noted it did not have “clean return statistics” for the Pensionskasse to correctly depict flows in the pension fund.last_img read more

September 26

Women’s World Cup final: Japan beat USA on penalties

first_imgNewsSports Women’s World Cup final: Japan beat USA on penalties by: – July 17, 2011 Sharing is caring! Share Tweet Sharecenter_img Share 18 Views   no discussions By Saj ChowdhuryBBC SportHighlights – Japan 2-2 USA (3-1 pens)Japan beat USA 3-1 on penalties to become the first Asian nation to win the Fifa Women’s World Cup.Saki Kumagai scored the winning penalty after Ayumi Kaihori had saved two out of three American three spot-kicks.Alex Morgan had opened the scoring with a low strike before Aya Miyama poked in the equaliser late in normal time.Abby Wambach headed USA ahead in extra-time but Homare Sawa ensured a thrilling finale with a spectacular flicked effort at the near post.The US will be heartbroken and annoyed that they did not manage to secure a record third World Cup having dominated for long periods in the match. But Pia Sundhage’s side will rue their profligacy in front of goal, particularly in the first half.Wambach was the biggest threat in that period and went closest when she crashed a vicious strike against the crossbar following a typical bulldozing run into the area.Lively winger Lauren Cheney also went close on three occasions. First, she fired just wide at the near post before looping a header over. She then diverted Megan Rapinoe’s delightful cross fractions off-target.Atlanta Beat midfielder Carli Lloyd also should have done better when she smashed her shot over the bar from 14 yards after Shannon Boxx’s ball into the area was cleared into her path.Japan, who had not beaten the USA in 25 meetings – losing 22 of those, looked to catch their opponents on the counter. That tactic paid dividends against hosts Germany in the quarter-final and semi-final opponents Sweden, but the USA defence had dangerwomen Nahomi Kawasumi and Kozue Ando well-marshalled for much of the half.The surprise finalists did manage to breach the USA area once in the opening half, when fleet-of-foot Shinobu Ohno, playing in her second World Cup, slid the ball into the path of Ando who fell over as she struck what was a tame effort into the hands of goalkeeper Hope Solo.The second half followed a similar pattern to the first, with USA the more threatening of the two sides.Forward Morgan, who came on at half-time for Cheney, tried to make her mark within four minutes of setting foot on the pitch, when she stretched out a leg to poke a driven cross against the post.The pacy 22-year-old had given the USA an alternative target to the physical and aerial threat of Wambach, and in the 69th minute she scored what, at that point, was the most important goal of her young career.Midfielder Megan Rapinoe, whose delivery was exemplary on the night, launched a 50-yard pass over the top which Morgan latched onto before driving into the box and launching an angled drive past the reach of Ayumi Kaihori.The youngster was close to tears as she slid to the ground and was embraced by her team-mates.The USA seemed comfortably on course to victory with Japan dormant as an attacking force.But with nine minutes remaining the Asian side woke up when Rachel Buehler and Alex Krieger failed to clear their lines allowing Miyama to smash the loose ball past Solo.The USA were the stronger team in extra time and regained the lead at the end of the first period when Wambach headed in her 13th goal in world cup finals after connecting with Morgan’s cross from the left.But once again, resilient and stubborn Japan equalised when captain Sawa produced an audacious flick from a corner that left keeper Solo helpless.USA pressed again in search for a late winner. Morgan was en route to scoring her second before she was brought down by Azuza Iwashimizu on the edge of the area, who received a straight red from referee Bibiana Steinhaus.The free-kick came to nothing which was followed by the whistle to signal the end of extra-time.A nervous-looking Shannon Boxx set the tone for USA’s penalty kicks as she struck her effort straight at Kaihori. The Japanese keeper also saved from Tobin Heath while Carli Lloyd blazed over the bar. Wambach was the only player to find the back of the net but by this stage it was advantage Japan.Norio Sasaki’s side missed one but scored the all-important penalty when young defender Kumagai stayed cool to fire in a brilliant spot-kick high into net.last_img read more