October 14

Newfoundland and Labrador to issue apology to residential school survivors

first_imgAPTN NewsThe government of Newfoundland and Labrador will issue its own apology to people who attended residential schools in the province.Premier Dwight Ball, who will be in Happy Valley-Goose Bay on Friday when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau issues an apology to survivors of people who went to the schools after 1949 – when the province joined Confederation, issued a statement Thursday.“I wish to advise that the Provincial Government will undertake its own apology to residential school survivors in consultation with the survivors of the former residential school system and the leaders of Indigenous Governments and Organizations in Newfoundland and Labrador,” the statement said.Newfoundland and Labrador will be the fourth province in Canada to apologize for its role in the schools as First Nation, Metis, and Inuit children were taken from their homes and sent to government-run institutions.Ontario, Manitoba, and Alberta issued apologies in 2016.Labrador survivors were left out of prime minister Stephen Harper’s 2008 apology because the schools were not run by the federal government at the time.Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall said the province is making plans to apologize.More to come …last_img read more

October 8

Manitoba restaurant charges ridiculous 15 for Bud Light to promote craft beer

BRANDON, Man. — Ordering a standard, big-brand beer in one western Manitoba restaurant can also leave your wallet hammered.Prairie Firehouse in Brandon has decided to charge $15 for a regular-size can of Bud Light — double or more the price of other suds on the menu.Owner Anna Dumas said she has nothing personally against Anheuser-Busch InBev, makers of Budweiser and other international brands.She just wants to coax people into trying some of the craft beer on her menu from smaller breweries in Manitoba and other nearby provinces and states.Weed is the new craft beer, says former Budweiser exec: ‘Ignore it at your peril’Roving beer-canning caravans, beer trading come to the rescue of U.S.’s craftiest brews“Brandon is very much a Bud Light town and it’s a farm kind of culture and very small-town mentality,” Dumas said of the city of 49,000.“I figured the only way I was going to get people out of their comfort zone was to charge a ridiculous price for a beer that I shouldn’t.”The restaurant offers craft beer from Manitoba, Ontario, Minnesota and elsewhere — by the bottle or in pints of draft — for as little as $7.Reaction so far has been mostly positive. But there are exceptions.“There has of course been some negative and some people that, you know, (say) OK well they’re never coming back to the restaurant or whatnot.”Dumas said she got the idea from one of her chefs who previously worked at a Calgary restaurant that charged $25 for some big-name beers. Eventually, she hopes to have only craft beer on the menu.The Manitoba Brewers Association, which represents small craft breweries in the province, likes the financial incentive for people to try out local suds.“The craft beer ideology … across North America is basically community-driven business,” said association president John Heim.“We give back, we practice buying local as a brewery and it’s just nice to be able to see some reward come back to us as far as offerings at the table.” read more

September 25

Constable painting looted by Nazis to be sold at auction

first_imgThe return of the Painting would be an act of symbolic reparation for this suffering.UK Spoliation Advisory Panel Beaching a Boat, Brighton (1824) is being sold by Hatvany’s heirs, who had maintained that Tate should relinquish ownership of the painting.The museum took the unusual step of asking the panel to consider further evidence – claiming an export licence issued by the Hungarian government undermined claims it was Nazi loot.The Tate’s then director, Sir Nicholas Serota wrote to the head of the panel, Sir Donnell Deeny, suggesting it was “highly unlikely” the Hungarian government would have issued an export licence “for a work known to be on the black market”.However, the panel concluded the Hungarian post-war art dealer Karola Fabri had in all likelihood applied for the licence to give her claim to the ownership of the painting  an air of legitimacy. The painting had been donated to the Tate in 1986 by a Mrs P.M. Rainsford and was said by the gallery to be a central part of its Constable collection.It had been acquired by Baron Hatvany in 1908. In 1942, when Budapest was threatened by Allied bombing, Hatvany put the Constable in the vaults of the Hungarian General Credit Bank, along with other works, from where it was later looted by the invading Germans. In 1947 the Baron fled to Paris to escape the new Communist government, and died in Lausanne in 1958.He had four children and it is their descendants who lodged the recent claim.The panel agreed that the painting had been particularly significant to the Hatvany family “from a sentimental and emotional point of view”.It said that the family suffered terribly during the German and Soviet occupations of Hungary.As well as losing all their possessions, several members of the family were murdered in Hungary by anti-Semitic mobs killed at the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp.“The return of the painting would be an act of symbolic reparation for this suffering,” the panel agreed.The Constable, measuring 26cm by 30cm, is among the most valuable of the 20 cases considered by the UK Spoliation Advisory Panel.It was one of the first works he produced during his visits to the south coast of England.Beaching a Boat was inherited by Constable’s daughter Isabel, who died in 1888. It was sold at Christie’s in 1892 to Walter Dowdeswell, a London art dealer, before being eventually bought by Baron Hatvany. A painting by John Constable which was looted by the Nazis is to be auctioned after the Tate lost its claim to the work.The museum had initially disputed claims that the painting, Beaching a Boat, Brighton, had been looted during German occupation of Hungary.But the UK’s Spoliation Advisory Panel ruled that the work had been one of thousands of works of art stolen by the Nazis during World War Two.The ruling paved the way for the descendants of the painting’s last legal owner, Baron Ferenc Hatvany, to sell the piece.It will be auctioned at Christies next month with an estimated price of £600,000-£800,000.center_img Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

September 24

Protecting equipment tools and machinery with innovative packaging

first_imgIntercept Technology has been wrapping equipment, tools, machines, and parts with packaging products for Australian and US mining companies for many years. The protective layer keeps moisture out and neutralises damaging corrosive gases. Items can then be stored indoors or outdoors in parts of the world where there are harsh pollutants, with items as clean coming out of the package as they were when they went in.In USA, the environmental and safety concerns of mining have been well-documented, requiring the enactment of laws and standards. Intercept packaging can help US mining companies, just as it does with the Australian companies, in protecting their valuable equipment investments.last_img read more

September 22

Brian ODriscoll sets Grand Slam target in revealing Late Late interview

first_imgIRELAND CENTRE BRIAN O’DRISCOLL has set his sights high for the final year of his professional rugby career. During an appearance on the Late Late Show, O’Driscoll targeted a Six Nations Grand Slam and a victory over the world champion All Blacks in November.Speaking to Ryan Tubridy on the RTÉ talk show, Ireland’s record try-scorer confirmed he would be hanging up his rugby boots at the end of the season. He insisted he would not be around for a fifth tilt at the World Cup, in 2015, before adding Ireland would not ‘have a bigger cheerleader than me if they get into the final’.“It is going to be the last year but I don’t want it to be the long goodbye,” said O’Driscoll. The 34-year-old remarked that success had made him selfish, stressing a desire to win ever pot his club and country are in the mix for this season.Winning a Six Nations Grand Slam, he reasoned, is far from easy but capturing his second Six Nations crown is an achievable goal. Add that to the double — Pro12 and Heineken Cup — he wants to win with Leinster in 2014. Yet O’Driscoll is not finished there. He declared:I get one more crack at the All Blacks and, please God, [Ireland coach] Joe Schmidt will think of me in terms of selection… No Irish team, no national team, has ever beaten them.”O’Driscoll needed no reminding that Munster beat a touring All Blacks side in the 1978 and allowed himself to picture the plaudits that would await Ireland if they topple them at the Aviva Stadium next month. O’Driscoll also touched on his experiences with the Lions during the summer, including his controversial axing. He brought his gumshield along to the Third Test against Australia in case Welsh centre Jamie Roberts pulled up with a late injury. “I thought the lads would think I was mental if brought my boots,” he joked.Ultimately, he added, thoughts of his wife, Amy Huberman, and daughter, Sadie, brought him out of a brief period of sullen reflection. He said, “You have perspective when little people come into your life. You take the best things you have and let them overshadow your disappointment.”Huberman, sitting in the Late Late audience, revealed she watched O’Driscoll and Ireland take on England from her hospital bed, hours after giving birth to Sadie earlier this year. The new mum was told to keep her voice down as she was bellowing in support of her husband in a busy Holles Street maternity ward.Steve Coogan, Ryan Tubridy, Amy Huberman and Brian O’Driscoll pose backstage at the Late Late show. Credit: RTÉ — MaxwellHere’s a video of BOD showing his pure class‘Munster play best when their backs are to the wall’ – David Wallacelast_img read more

September 21

Aged care staff overwhelmed

first_imgRitsa Gray is a Greek Australian carer who has been working with dementia patients for more than 15 years. “Maintaining connection to our community is paramount at each stage of life.”She is currently responsible for the wellbeing of nine people at Fronditha Care, but some other carers have to attend to up to 24 cases in day groups. Carers struggle to take care of dementia cases to the best of their ability, but the workload is often beyond their capacity, as many patients have reached a state where most functions are gone. “The number of elders with dementia is constantly rising and at the moment the ratio is seven patients to one carer at activity groups,” she says, whilst noting that the ratio is one-to-five in hospitals. “The ratio needs to be at least one-to-two in order to effectively manage a very old and sick person.” The programs at Fronditha Care Community Services aim to maintain the independence of seniors within their own homes. However, when their circumstances require a high level of care or when there is no immediate family to assist, aged residents are moved into a safe environment. Gray is concerned that the pressure resulting from a lack of resources and personnel is affecting the elderly. Meanwhile, it is essential for people in this demanding job to be properly trained to deal not only with the behavioural disorders of Alzheimer’s patients, but also abusive families at times, and to maintain a high standard of care and professionalism whilst doing so. “The staff at all of the Fronditha Care facilities are trained in the development of care plans to ensure that needs are identified and goals are met,” she says.“Residents and their families are also encouraged to be involved in the caring process. However, some people get frustrated with how demanding taking care of their old parents can be, which might lead to cruel and insensitive behaviour.” As a result, carers have to deal with patients’ loneliness, desperation, neglect and cases of abuse, offering companionship and comfort. Residents are encouraged to remain mobile and active, both physically and mentally, through a range of activities such as reading, craft workshops and discussion groups. All facilities have registered nurses and personal carers on duty 24 hours a day, and meals are prepared by cooks in on-site kitchens. Cleaning, laundry, hairdressing and additional health services are also provided. “Australian citizens will be lucky to receive proper treatment in the near future, at the rate the government is making cuts on aged care. “Let’s not forget that we’ll all have to walk in those shoes one day; no one stays young forever.” Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

September 20

PhobosGrunt les Américains naideront pas les Russes à comprendre léchec

first_imgPhobos-Grunt : les Américains n’aideront pas les Russes à comprendre l’échecSelon l’Agence spatiale russe, les Etats-Unis n’auraient pas accepté de prendre part au rapport établissant les causes de l’accident de la sonde Phobos-Grunt. Les conclusions finales seront publiées la semaine prochaine.Depuis la chute de la sonde Phobos-Grunt, l’Agence spatiale russe n’a plus qu’une idée en tête : découvrir les causes de l’accident qui a conduit l’engin à rater son orientation vers la lune martienne Phobos. Pour l’heure, les équipes semblent envisager plusieurs hypothèses et tentent de les vérifier. Mais si les Etats-Unis et l’Europe ont participé aux opérations destinés à récupérer la sonde, aujourd’hui, les Américains semblent ne plus vouloir y prendre part. À lire aussiBoisson, météorite et Facebook, les actus sciences que vous devez connaître ce 5 septembreEn effet, Anatoli Chilov, directeur adjoint de Roskosmos a indiqué que les Etats-Unis avaient refusé de prendre part à une expérience permettant d’établir les causes de l’accident de Phobos-Grunt. “Roskosmos a officiellement invité la partie américaine à participer à l’enquête mais a reçu un refus”, a t-il ainsi indiqué cité par RIA Novosti. Selon le directeur, ceci n’empêchera pas toutefois d’achever le rapport final qui sera publié la semaine prochaine.La sonde Phobos-Grunt était chargée de prélever des échantillons sur le sol de Phobos, une des lunes de Mars mais le lancement de la sonde depuis le cosmodrome de Baïkonour (Kazakhstan) a échoué le 9 novembre 2011. Le 16 février, les fragments de l’engin russe sont retombés dans le Pacifique. Le 28 janvier 2012 à 09:38 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

September 20

Google Chrome synchronisation des contenus et arrivée sur iOS

first_imgGoogle Chrome : synchronisation des contenus et arrivée sur iOSSelon une rumeur, Google Chrome pourrait faire son entrée sur iOS cette année si Apple et Google parviennent à trouver un accord.Selon un analyste de Macquarie, le navigateur Internet Chrome pourrait être disponible prochainement sur la plateforme iOS, équipant les iPad et iPhone d’Apple. Le navigateur conçu par Google pourrait être disponible au cours du second trimestre 2012 selon la même source.À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?L’analyste Ben Schacter a indiqué dans Business Insider qu’Apple se pencherait à l’heure actuelle sur le code soumis par Google. Ce qui pourrait signifier que Google Chrome pourrait être utilisable d’ici la fin de l’année sur iOS, en version complète. Mais la décision finale revient à Apple, dont l’utilisation du navigateur Safari est prioritaire sur sa plateforme. Mais les deux géants rivaux pourraient bien trouver un accord financier dans les prochains mois…Par ailleurs, Google Chrome pour ordinateurs a été mis à jour. Chrome 19 proposera, dans les semaines à venir, une option de synchronisation entre onglets ouverts, en conservant, pour chacune d’eux, leurs historiques respectifs. Le navigateur gagne également à nouveau en rapidité.Ces nouveautés seront disponibles pour les versions Windows, Mac OS et Linux du navigateur, ainsi que pour la bêta de la version Android.Le 16 mai 2012 à 12:45 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

September 6

Tap connection to every household soon MP

first_imgEluru: MP Kotagiri Sridhar has said tap connection will be given to every household in the district soon. The people from across district met the MP at his camp office here and requested to provide drinking water and other facilities. Responding to their requests, the MP said that there is no funds scarcity for sanctioning taps. Leaders of five societies in T Narsapuram greeted the MP by presenting a sapling to him. They briefed on the requirements of people in their mandal. The MP promised them to provide infrastructure facilities in all villages in his constituency during next three years. He advised the cooperative societies to sanction loans to farmers during their need to help farmers.last_img read more

September 5

BCCI sponsorship Major blow to Team India as Star TV considers shock

first_imgIANSThe contract between the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and Star India comes to an end this March, and the way things are going at the moment, it looks like it’s time for Team India to have new apparel sponsors pretty soon.Blame it possibly on the heavy and unfathomable 333-run defeat of India by Australia in their first Test of the four-match India vs Australia 2017 Test series.According to reports, Star TV are taking this decision with an eye on the future of Indian cricket, which they feel is not going to meet their expectations. “We have been very proud that our name is carried on the jersey of team India. But given all the uncertainties, we have decided not to bid for it again,” Star India CEO Uday Shankar told the media.”The commitments being asked for are too onerous without any clarity”.The sudden move by Star India could also relate to the ongoing tensions between the BCCI and the ICC, the Indian Express reported. With the international cricket governing body looking to ignore the Indian cricket board from its key committees, there is a major doubt over the telecast of India’s matches in the future.”Lack of clarity both, in ICC as well as BCCI, is our biggest concern right now. We have nothing to do with the politics of cricket. Currently, we have invested in cricket more than any other media company has ever done,” continued Shankar.”Our investments in the game are to the tune of a few billion dollars. And hence the business risk for us is very, very high,” he added.Star TV reportedly pays the BCCI around Rs 2 crore per match for bilateral tournaments, but when it comes to ICC tournaments, the BCCI are paid around Rs 60 lakh per match.Star India started their association with the BCCI in 2013. Their logo first featured in the Team India jerseys during India’s tour of New Zealand in 2014.last_img read more

September 3

How two Jewish Bible scholars got an audience with the pope

first_img Share This! Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn ReddIt Email,(RNS) — Hebrew Bible scholar Marc Zvi Brettler learned years ago that it never hurts to ask.Talking to an acquaintance at Rome’s Pontifical Gregorian University last year, Brettler, a professor of Judaic studies at Duke University, popped the question: Might he be granted an audience with the pope?Brettler has been interested in a deeper understanding of Jewish and Christian Scriptures since he began working on “The Jewish Annotated New Testament” with co-author and co-editor Amy-Jill Levine, first published in 2011.RELATED: A fresh take on Lent from Jewish New Testament professor Amy-Jill LevineTurns out, Pope Francis was interested in meeting with him, too. On Wednesday (March 27), Brettler and Levine, a professor of New Testament studies at Vanderbilt University, will present Francis with a signed copy of their  book, aimed at Jewish readers but a resource for anyone who is interested in a Jewish scholarly perspective on the Christians Scriptures that informs rather than tries to persuade or proselytize.The idea that Jews, who do not consider the New Testament holy, should understand the New Testament fills a need, according to the authors, especially at a time of heightened religious tensions. That need is one the pope recognizes as well. Francis has made interfaith dialogue a priority, calling it an “antidote to violence.”Religion News Service caught up with Brettler in Jerusalem, where he is spending a sabbatical. This interview was edited for length and clarity.How did this papal audience come about?I knew Amy-Jill Levine was going to be teaching in Rome. I’ve never been to Rome but I know a professor who teaches (at the Pontifical Gregorian University). I asked if I might come and give a lecture or a talk while I’m there, which he arranged.While I was talking to them, I said, “I’m Jewish, I come from New York, I have a certain amount of chutzpah. Might it be possible to arrange a papal visit?” They looked into it and they thought the book was important enough that it merited it. The idea came from me but the “yes” came from them.Image courtesy of Oxford University PressWhy did you feel the need to write “The Jewish Annotated New Testament” and who is its intended audience?I co-edited “The Jewish Study Bible” with Adele Berlin, a professor emerita at the University of Maryland. I was interested in a similar follow-up. Here again, it never hurts to ask. So, I went to the Oxford University Press, which published “The Jewish Study Bible,” and asked about doing a “Jewish Annotated New Testament.” The first edition came out in 2011. It got a lot of press. Oxford decided a second edition was merited. (It came out in 2017.)Both Amy-Jill Levine and I think the New Testament is too important a book for Jews not to read. The phrase I use is that I wanted to create a “safe New Testament” for Jews to read. Unlike typical New Testaments, which are part of proselytizing, this is a scholarly work.But how does a Hebrew Bible scholar write a book on the New Testament?I could not have done it without A.J. (Levine). Her main field is New Testament. I know some Greek. I certainly know the Dead Sea Scrolls, and rabbinic literature, which are very important to the background of the New Testament.Author Marc Zvi Brettler. Courtesy photoThere are two main ways the New Testament can be studied in the academy. One is as a Greco-Roman work and the other is (as a document arising from) the Jewish world. They’re not mutually exclusive. You really need a strong command of Hebrew, Aramaic and rabbinics to study it from the Jewish perspective. It is a historical fact that the New Testament came to being in a Jewish milieu. It is a historical fact that Jesus was Jewish and Paul was Jewish. Early Christianity comes from a Jewish background. What we wanted to do was to enhance the readers’ ability to see the Jewish background of the New Testament.This is not a case of the New Testament against Judaism, which is how it’s often seen on both sides, but the New Testament within Judaism. That’s important for both sides.The two of us complemented each other well. From my perspective as a Hebrew Bible scholar, my interest was seeking points of continuity and discontinuity with the Hebrew Bible.Why do you think Pope Francis is interested in meeting you?Since Vatican II, there have been any number of documents of reconciliation between the Vatican and the Jewish community. There is the Cardinal Bea Centre for Judaic Studies at the Pontifical Gregorian University. They have visiting scholars in Jewish studies. This audience reflects that recognition.Author Amy-Jill Levine. Courtesy photoHow should Jews regard the New Testament?Jews should know that most of its authors were Jewish, that Jesus was Jewish, and that it’s one of the most important pieces of literature that we have for the history of the late Second Temple period. It reflects in all sorts of ways different Jews who were living in the late Second Temple period, who sometimes got along with each other well and sometimes got along with each other less well. Some modern Jews think that the fragmentation we now have within Judaism is a modern phenomenon. All you have to do is read the New Testament to see how ancient this phenomenon really was.Is there anything you want to add about this heightened period of nationalism and religious strife, especially following the massacre in New Zealand?I would say religious dialogue is more important than ever. It is possible to differ about a book without fighting over it. That’s what is so key about this. Anybody who reads “The Jewish Annotated New Testament” will understand that the authors do not think Jesus is the messiah. But nevertheless, having a pope accept this book from us really represents how people can talk constructively about the same book from very different vantage points instead of killing each other over it. Share This! Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn ReddIt Email We are not all the same, and in our difference we are divine August 30, 2019 By: Yonat Shimron YonatShimron By: Yonat Shimron YonatShimron Catholicism Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn ReddIt Email Share This! Share This! News Cancel replyYou must be logged in to post a comment.,US Muslims fund African wells to honor New Zealand shooting victims center_img Instagram apostasy stirs controversy over Christian ‘influencers’ August 30, 2019 By: Yonat Shimron YonatShimron Yonat Shimron Yonat Shimron is an RNS National Reporter and Senior Editor.,Add Comment Click here to post a comment Yonat Shimron YonatShimron Columns • Opinion • Simran Jeet Singh: Articles of Faith TagsAmy-Jill Levine Duke University homepage featured interfaith dialogue Marc Zvi Brettler Pontifical Gregorian University Pope Francis Rome The Jewish Annotated New Testament Top Story,You may also like Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn ReddIt Email,About the authorView All Posts As Amazon burns, Vatican prepares for summit on region’s faith and sustainabilit … August 30, 2019 ‘Best of Enemies’: Real faith and racial reconciliation on the big screen Share This! Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn ReddIt Emaillast_img read more

September 2

Kingwood Residents Mobilize Against Proposed HighRise Development

first_img Listen X 00:00 /00:00 Brien Straw | Houston Public MediaFlooding after Hurricane Harvey in Houston’s Kingwood neighborhood, located along the San Jacinto River.A Houston developer wants to build a marina-resort and high-rise development in Kingwood. Many residents oppose the project, alleging that it would greatly increase the risk of flooding.Kingwood suffered some of the worst flooding in Houston during Harvey, and the proposed development by Romerica Investments sits right in the 100-year floodplain.“We’ve had an additional six events down in River Grove Park, which is very adjacent to this development, since Harvey and the continued flooding of our streets,” said Kingwood resident Barbara Hilburn.Hilburn fears the development would also damage wetlands, including nesting sites for bald eagles. She and other residents are pressing for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to deny permits for the development – or at least to delay them until the City of Houston and the Harris County Flood Control District have had a chance to complete their impact studies.The video below by the architecture firm behind the design, Rome-based Torrisi &  Procopio Architetti, outlines the proposed project in more detail:Note: News 88.7 reached out to Romerica Investments for comment but received no response by airtime. There will be a neighborhood meeting to discuss the proposed development tonight at the Kingwood Community Center from 6-8 p.m. To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: Sharelast_img read more

September 1

An Open Letter From Former Students of Baltimore City College High School

first_imgBy Louis Williams, Nevan Edwards, Marie Mokuba and Deontrey YearginJ.D. Merrill, is a former Baltimore City Public School teacher who has been upheld as the candidate for state Senate our city needs to revitalize the Baltimore City Public Schools system.His campaign has been saturated with narratives of supportive Black Students whom he taught during his three years (from 2013 to 2016) at Baltimore City College High School. When this narrative is inspected more closely, it becomes clear that J.D.’s vision of education reform will not benefit Black students in Baltimore City.(Stock Photo)It would be irresponsible as former students of City College to allow the false narratives of J.D’s altruism to persist. In light of this, we write you this open letter as Baltimore City College Alumni who have witnessed J.D. Merrill’s actions.First and foremost, we should acknowledge the antagonistic relationship he has had with a Black student-led organization at Baltimore City College by the name of City Bloc. City Bloc is self-defined as a “political grassroots collective of students against social injustice in Baltimore.” Below is a story from Anise Tates, one of the previous leaders of the organization, about an incident from 2015 that speaks to J.D.’s seemingly insincere relationship to Black political activism:“Our parent organization used to be BMore Bloc… BMore Bloc spoke ALOT about holding Martin O’Malley [Merrill’s father-in-law] accountable for mass incarceration. His stats were absolutely ridiculous. He would have an enormous amount of arrests in the city which meant that Black people were being arrested more than once. When O’Malley was scheduled to rally, BMore Bloc told us that we were gonna disrupt the rally and City Bloc was down. That’s when Merrill really started getting on us because by that time he was engaged to O’Malley’s daughter.`How would it look for him if an organization from the school he worked at disrupted his father-in-law’s rally?’ All the while he was trying to get into office. He was for our cause until it inconvenienced him and for that reason I never believed he was truly with or understood what City Bloc stood for.”J.D’s relationship with student activism at City College is a relationship that only allows for the expression of Black voices so long as they operate in context to his larger political aims.It is worth noting that he has played an integral role in increasing the recruitment of White private school students at City College. In September of 2016, members of City Bloc, which includes a former student named Henry Bethell, discovered that some freshmen coming from private middle schools were exempt from the admission requirements that all other students were held to, such as composite scores and standardized testing marks. The exempted students claimed that J.D. was the primary contact that kept consistent communication with their families during their abbreviated admission process.Upon this discovery City Bloc decided to request documents from J.D., under the Maryland Public Information Act, that would verify his involvement in the overt gentrification of the predominantly Black student body. After being given the run around for some time, students had to meet with Principal Harcum in order to receive the data that revealed an abnormal spike in the percentage of White students in the freshman classes of 2014 and 2015. Both were years in which J.D. was involved with the school’s admission efforts.His version of school improvement has, inadvertently, multiplied the hurdles Black students have to jump over in order to access the rigorous academic courses that they already have limited access to. J.D. has been championed as the candidate that will bring much needed improvement to the deplorable conditions of Baltimore City Schools. Even if his lack of experience in the political arena wasn’t a major issue, we should still be skeptical of his priorities when making decisions on behalf of students. Furthermore, it calls into question for whom J.D. plans to be accountable to in his tenure in office because his actions have clearly illustrated that he doesn’t have the best interests of Black Folks in mind.The opinions expressed in this letter are those of:Louis Williams, Nevan Edwards, Marie Mokuba, and Deontrey Yeargin, who all graduated from Baltimore City College High School in 2017. Williams is currently a student at North Carolina, A&T State University, Edwards is a student at Wake Forest University, Mokuba attends Goucher College and Yeargin attends the University of Louisville.last_img
August 31

Political Passion Inspires Trust—Even From Opponents

first_img“Individuals who care about contentious social issues signal to observers that they have integrity, and thus can be trusted,” Zlatev writes in the journal Psychological Science. Perhaps optimistically, he adds that this knowledge could inspire “interventions to help mitigate the growing ideological divide.” Read the whole story: Pacific Standard There’s a lot of evidence suggesting that Americans trust each other less and less. But new research suggests an unorthodox solution to our political divide: firmly expressing our political opinions, even when they might prove unpopular. “Across five studies using a variety of contentious social issues, I found evidence that people trust others who demonstrate strong feelings about social issues, even when they disagree with or dislike them,” reports Julian Zlatev of Harvard Business School. In contrast, he found “low rates of trust toward individuals who care little about these issues.”last_img read more

August 31

Get the party started

first_imgUsher in the New Year in all its grandeur in the heart of the Capital with some great dining options and room packages at Shangri-La’s Eros Hotel.On New Year’s Eve, the all day dining restaurant, Café Uno offers a sumptuous dinner buffet spread and a choice of unlimited select beverages, from 7:00 p.m. to midnight.Enjoy high energy commercial and house music by our guest DJ at Rs. 4,500 plus taxes per person. Dinner buffet with unlimited select alcoholic beverages comes at Rs.3, 000 plus taxes for kids below 12 years old. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Indulge in the finest New Year’s Eve Asian buffet spread meticulously crafted by a team of expatriate chef’s at the specialty Asian restaurant, 19 Oriental Avenue that promises an unforgettable dining experience with sophisticated music performances and a choice of unlimited select beverages with a live band to liven things up. Priced at Rs. 5,500 plus taxes per person, the Asian buffet spread with unlimited select alcoholic beveragescomes for Rs.2000 plus taxes for kids below 12 years old.Usher in the New Year with joy as you dance the night away on popular tunes belted out by a live band and guest DJ Harry. Relish a decadent variety of appetizers with a choice of free flowing select beverages.This New Year’s Eve, Island Bar is the perfect destination for party revellers at Rs. 3000 plus taxes per person inclusive of appetizers and unlimited select alcoholic beverages. Book in and have a great new year!last_img read more

August 29

Man who robbed Cancun bank arrested in Guadalajara

first_imgWith the support of personnel of the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office, Quintana Roo ministerial agents have transferred him to the Municipality of Benito Juárez where he was admitted to the Social Reintegration Center awaiting a judge. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window) Cancún, Q.R. — A man who robbed a bank in Cancun has been arrested in the city of Guadalajara. In a press release, la Fiscalía General del Estado reports that Ángel N has been taken into custody due to an arrest warrant for robbery of a Cancun bank in April of this year. The Attorney General says that Ángel N was located in a hostel when he was taken into custody by Ministerial Police. They report that on April 8, the individual entered a bank located in the municipality of Benito Juarez shortly before 7:00 a.m. and removed more than 2.7 million peso from the vault, which he placed in a suitcase before leaving the premises and boarding a vehicle. The arrest was made in a joint effort between Ministerial Police and the Public Ministry of Quintana Roo. They also say that the accused has a long criminal history in several municipalities of Yucatan and Quintana Roo. last_img read more

August 19

Taxi drivers throw eggs as Uber Costa Rica offers free rides

first_imgOn Sunday, several government officials met with representatives of the taxi union, who demanded the government block Uber’s application in Costa Rica. President Luis Guillermo Solís’ administration has maintained that Uber’s service is illegal under Costa Rica law — an opinion upheld by the Government Attorney’s Office and the Public Transportation Council. But it has yet to announce a strategy to enforce its interpretation of the law.Still, Science and Technology Minister Mauricio Jenkins ruled out any government action to block Uber’s application here. “We’re not in the business of censoring the Internet,” Jenkins told reporters Sunday evening. “That is not a step that this government or any other democratic government wants to take.” After taxi drivers failed Sunday to convince the Costa Rican government to block Uber, they took to the streets Monday morning, blocking traffic in several parts of the capital and hurling eggs at taxi drivers who didn’t participate in the protest. In response, Uber applied its marketing jujitsu, offering Uber users free rides.Taxis parked en masse in front of Casa Presidencial. They blocked the bridge and off ramp in Zapote and snarled traffic at La Hispanidad rotunda in front of the San Pedro Mall.A reporter saw a group of taxi drivers on the Zapote bridge over the Circunvalación highway throwing eggs at other taxis driving past, presumably because they were not participating in the protest. The daily La Nación posted a video on its Facebook page of a taxi driver hurling an egg at a colleague’s windshield. Uber expanded its service to Costa Rica last year, despite lacking government authorization. The company, which is valued at more than $50 billion, is now present in 58 countries.Taxi drivers in Costa Rica claim they are unable to compete with Uber because of higher overhead costs such as operating licenses and insurance.Uber pounced on Monday’s taxi protest, offering free rides worth up to ₡15,000 — roughly $30 — to all riders between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. on Monday with the promo code COSTARICANOPARA.“On a day as hard to get around as today, we’ve decided to give away a free ride to all the members of our community because if #CostaRicaNoPara (Costa Rica doesn’t stop), Uber won’t stop,” the company wrote.AFP contributed to this report. Facebook Comments Related posts:Uber supporters say court case could legalize ride-hailing service in Costa Rica Uber says it will support drivers fined by police in Costa Rica  Taxi driver chains herself in front of Costa Rica president’s house to protest Uber Taxis protest as lawmakers present bill that could legalize Uber Porque #costaricanopara,Te regalamos 1 viaje gratis de hasta 15mil colones con el código COSTARICANOPARA pic.twitter.com/LB6zbCu0Nc— Uber Costa Rica (@Uber_CR) February 1, 2016last_img read more

August 19

Venezuelans fume after Nicolas Maduro filmed dining with celebrity chef Salt Bae

first_imgRelated posts:Venezuela opposition drops deputies to break deadlock Venezuelan protests seek Maduro’s ouster Venezuelan lawmaker says in Costa Rica that her people eat from garbage trucks Maduro says he escaped drone ‘assassination’ attempt, blames Colombia Impoverished Venezuelans have reacted with fury after videos of President Nicolas Maduro gorging on succulent pieces of meat in a restaurant owned by a celebrity Turkish chef went viral.“This is once in a lifetime,” enthuses Maduro with his wife Cilia Flores as Nusret Gokce, a social media star chef who goes by the name Salt Bae, performs his signature theatrical preparation of slices of meat at one of his restaurants in Istanbul.Back home, Venezuelans face food shortages while a group of the country’s top universities conducted a study that found 87 percent of the population were living in poverty in 2017 and 60 percent of people had lost an average of 11 kilograms (24 pounds) due to a diet that was lacking in protein, one of the primary nutrients contained in meat.“Chavismo is asking China to borrow money because you can’t pay your debts and then going to luxury restaurants,” wrote social media expert Luis Carlos Diaz on Twitter in a broadside at Maduro’s left-wing populist politics adopted from late predecessor Hugo Chavez.A main course in Gokce’s restaurant costs between $70 and $250 — equivalent to between two and eight months salary in Venezuela on the minimum wage.Mientras tanto el gobernante de Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, visita al reconocido chef, Salt Bae, en Turquía y disfruta de un delicioso manjar junto a la “primera combatiente” Cilia Flores. #DimeAlgo pic.twitter.com/tGieG9GV8J— Yusnaby Pérez (@Yusnaby) September 17, 2018Celebrities including Portuguese football icon Cristiano Ronaldo and Hollywood star Leonardo Di Caprio have eaten at Gokce’s restaurant.“We shared a meal in a famous restaurant. I send a greeting from here to Nusret, who looked after us personally. We chatted, enjoyed our time with him … He loves Venezuela,” said Maduro on a television and radio broadcast in Venezuela after returning to Caracas on Monday following a trip to China, which included a stopover in Istanbul where he was invited to dine with Turkish authorities.On Saturday, Maduro had announced the trip to China was fruitful as he had secured commitments from Beijing to help fund the oil industry that Venezuela is almost entirely reliant upon.Gokce had published videos of Maduro’s visit on his social media accounts thanking Maduro but soon deleted them from Instagram after he was inundated with thousands of angry messages.In one of the videos, Maduro is seen sucking on a thick cigar taken from a box bearing his name engraved on a golden label, while receiving a T-shirt emblazoned with Gokce’s face.‘Worker president’During the visit, former bus driver Maduro, who likes to style himself as the “worker president,” was surrounded by armed Turkish guards.“Eating meat and smoking cigars… with the dollars that he refuses to use to buy medicines and food: WORKER PRESIDENT,” said former government loyalist Nicmer Evans, now a leader of the opposition Frente Amplio.Venezuela is struggling with an economic crisis in which the International Monetary Fund predicts inflation will hit one million percent this year.Four years of recession has seen 1.6 million people flee Venezuela since 2015, according to the United Nations, creating a migration crisis in neighboring and nearby countries. Facebook Commentslast_img read more

August 17

ATE South East QLD operators unite for tourism

first_imgWhales Hervey Bay. Image:  Fraser Coast Tourism A collection of South East Queensland’s leading tourism bodies has announced their joining forces to promote what they described at a launch this week at Australian Tourism Exchange, as a world class eco-destination to be called Australia’s Nature CoastSunshine Coast Destination Ltd (SCDL) is working in partnership with Tourism Fraser Coast Tourism Noosa, Gympie Cooloola Tourism, the Great Sandy Biosphere and the Noosa Biosphere to create a strategy aimed at breaking down barriers and increasing visitor numbers across all partnering destinations.Tourism Australia managing director Andrew McEvoy launching Australia’s Nature Coast said the innovative partnership approach was something for which the region’s tourism leaders deserved credit, adding, “From our own recent research, we know that Australia’s biggest strength is its world class nature, well regarded from all markets and core to our global tourism offering”.Chair of Australia’s Nature Coast and the Great Sandy Biosphere Dr Evelyne Meier said that it makes sense to combine resources to create a world-class eco-destination that showcases our region’s natural beauty and impresses upon visitors the need to live more sustainably, with sustainable economic development also a function of a Biosphere and ecotourism having the potential to add significantly to the region’s economy.Australia’s Nature Coast brings together the only two adjoining biospheres in the world, the Noosa Biosphere and the Great Sandy Biosphere, joining the coastal and hinterland lifestyles of the Fraser, Cooloola, Noosa and Sunshine Coasts, World Heritage Listed Fraser Island, Noosa’s National Park and café culture, with  the “Home of the Humpbacks” Hervey Bay plus world class dining, accommodation, adventure experiences and more.e-Travel Blackboard was on location to report from Australian Tourism Exchange 2013, brought to you by Hilton Sydney.Source = e-Travel Blackboardlast_img read more

August 15

Fannie Mae Offers a 195 Billion Credit Insurance Risk Transfer Deal

first_img in Daily Dose, Government, Headlines, News, Secondary Market March 18, 2016 473 Views It has been a big week for credit risk transfer transactions. Earlier this week, JPMorgan Chase announced a $1.9 billion residential mortgage-backed securities deal containing all single-family residential mortgages originated by Chase.Now Fannie Mae has announced its latest contribution to the credit risk transfer space—two Credit Insurance Risk Transfer (CIRT) deals that shift a portion of the credit risk on pools of single-family loans with approximately $19.5 billion in unpaid principal balance—Fannie Mae’s largest cumulative CIRT transaction to date.“Our CIRT transactions reduce credit risk for Fannie Mae while bringing private capital into the housing market,” said Rob Schaefer, VP for Credit Enhancement Strategy & Management, Fannie Mae. “We’re pleased with the success of our credit insurance transactions and plan to continue to pursue additional risk sharing opportunities through CIRT and our Connecticut Avenue Securities.”The loans covered in the two deals, named CIRT 2016-1 and 2016-2, are in pools consisting of 30-year fixed-rate loans with LTV ratios between 60 percent and 80 percent. The loans in the transaction were acquired by Fannie Mae from December 2014 until April 2015, according to Fannie Mae.“We’re pleased with the success of our credit insurance transactions and plan to continue to pursue additional risk sharing opportunities through CIRT and our Connecticut Avenue Securities.”Rob Schaefer, Fannie MaeIn the last three years, Fannie Mae’s credit risk transfer programs such as CIRT, Connecticut Avenue Series (CAS), and other forms of risk transfer, have resulted in the transferring of a portion of the credit risk of more than half a trillion dollars in single-family mortgages. Fannie Mae launched its credit-risk sharing initiatives in 2013 as a way for private capital to gain more exposure in the U.S. housing market.Through nine CIRT transactions since the program was introduced in 2014, including the latest CIRT deals announced on Friday, the Fannie Mae has now acquired almost $1.7 billion worth of insurance coverage on more than $66 billion loans.Click here for more information on Fannie Mae’s credit risk transferring initiatives. Sharecenter_img Credit Risk Transfer Fannie Mae Single-family Mortgages 2016-03-18 Seth Welborn Fannie Mae Offers a $19.5 Billion Credit Insurance Risk Transfer Deallast_img read more