July 17

Do station sentiment why some webmaster will fail

dedicate this article to the webmaster who fights day and night in front of the computer. We are not alone! Together,

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A5 gave me a free play of the world, but also let me A5 constant reflection, constant progress, yesterday, suddenly woke up with a problem, I feel I found most of the webmaster, including me, an important reason for the failure of. In fact, everyone can succeed, just as Tang Jun’s book, "my success can be copied.". In fact, success can be copied. Failure is because of yourself, I can say that most of the failure of the webmaster is following the trajectory of the following:

notice, I’m talking about most of the lost owners, not all of them.

track 1: initial stage. The future is full of longing in high and vigorous spirits. At this stage, most people are the same, including the successful webmaster.

whether successful webmaster, or failed webmaster, will have a vision for the future. Look at the A5 forum, many people are seeing others do stand to make money, and then back to join the ranks, and then began to look forward to future scenarios of their own money, this time is the most beautiful, most exciting time, and everyone should have the stage for the future! If you do it without hope, what will not have the power.

trajectory two: planning phase. This stage is the webmaster for how to work in the future of some planning. At this stage, skip, blindly do the webmaster, may fail faster, of course, lucky people may succeed.

planning stage, often successful people, with the failure of all the same, of course, for our grassroots webmaster, you do not go to big companies. This stage focuses on figuring out where the site is, how it works, and how it will be implemented in the future, and so on.

trajectory three: execution phase. I think this is the success of the webmaster and the failure of the webmaster watershed. The same thing, let different people do, the effect is absolutely different.

is the biggest difference between successful execution stage with failure! Successful people will carry out the planning stage in all aspects of strict, even on problems constantly, some unreasonable places to improve in the implementation process, but the failure of people, some plans often formulate before execution will be absent-minded, get throught a thing carelessly. For example, the original plan to start is to send 10 blogs every day, but at the end of the day, only 1 articles are issued every day, or even not.

I give my example, I do 15 road station, the beginning of the requirement is that every day plus at least 5 female QQ group, and then sending mail, pull customers, but do it after 2 months, only a day plus 1, the blog before three, now only 2 article. I feel that this is a big problem, and correct it quickly. If you don’t correct it, you may fail!


trajectory four: harvest phase. After a long period of insistence, months or even years, there are people

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