July 17

Do a happy title party easy to promote local station

network development change rapidly, siting ideas is nearly exhausted, you think others are thought of, did not expect others to do at the beginning! Now let alone a county-level city, town, village and so on have their own site, covering all aspects of life, a place that is more than the same type of site already take Suzhou as an example It is often seen.!, only a dozen classified information station, a portal sub channels, there are already old station operators, large and small forum is not to mention, everywhere! This situation, can crush skin to drill, the webmaster way where is the question!

a new local station expands from the establishment to the promotion, in its current form is a relatively long and painful things, the concept of First impressions are strongest leads to local railway station, it is difficult to win the blaze trail, many sites are in the half-dead support! If there is no strength team and operational thinking is strong enough, we can only take some opportunistic way, not a blockbuster, but at least mix a familiar face! Let others know you, then slowly after the development, is also a good way to promote, of course, the premise is that you have enough patience to wait, to the accumulation of popularity of


stayed in Suzhou for several years, from the beginning of garbage station, later made the foreign affiliate marketing, then take advantage of the current economic downturn, want to go back to conscientiously do a local site! Middle has experienced many, various promotion means has been tried, the most common is soft. Often mixed A5 people might also see a few article I, on the Suzhou plant network (www.szchang.cn) to write text! Is a painful thing, before the article also mentioned that the domestic market is not the formation of soft climate, many types of site difficult to write easy to circulate is reproduced in the article in particular, the nature of the industry! So in promotion, has been in the exploration of more effective ways to promote the middle! Made a Suzhou convenience net classification information site in the domain name domain name www.akeyi.com idle! To say something, when I just arrived in Suzhou, found that the side of the dialect in the interrogative sentence in front of the total love of a "ah", so think of "ah", the domain name registration, put in the hands of a few years, this has been useless, while there is time, at the same time in the CMS system of the Empire, so the classification of information station to do it


site was established, where information is on your own? A to human? Not too realistic, too many columns, tired dead! Thinking, only from the local mature forums to find a breakthrough! Direct advertising, his eye-catching, administrator of the strict control of the direct delete and shielding I made such a mistake, resulting in local site domain was a very popular forum shield, then go out, too late for regrets! Found a lot of the title of the party, the title is super attractive! So good why not make good use of resources, do a local forum for the title of the party, to the irrigation district and irrigation. Add >

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