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How to do the content management in the community forum


community forum within the content belongs to UGC content production, UGC content of operating personnel, there are two main types: one is a feeling of content and character of community operation; the other is a media product editor. The former prefers the operation of the product and pays more attention to the promotion of content to the product; the latter is to produce the content as a result, but not much attention to the product itself. This is the difference between different duties, not to say who is better, who is worse. But from the point of view of the value of talent, the content direction of product operation is more valuable than editing.

content oriented product operations are based on content as a bridge between connection products and users (or user behavior), and for the core indicators of the product (such as DAU or transaction volume). Content management is not just a few posts on the OK, but contains a lot of specific ability to describe requirements.

1, disassembly target. Throw a product to you and ask what you can do in terms of content management, what are the effects, and what is the share of the overall goal of the product?.

2, content orientation. User positioning is determined through product positioning, and location is determined through user positioning. In fact, different groups of users, corresponding to different content.

3, content normalization. The content of UGC products is created by users, but it needs to be managed and displayed to regulate the content by high quality means, so as to form a cycle of conscience.

4, thematic planning. This is not much to say, in the traditional sense of content editing and planning.

5 and latitude integration. Products will show content in a certain form, such as the latest or hottest. Operations need to provide more latitude integration content, such as topic square, praised the most, beans, columns, tag and other ways.

6, regular content branding. Some daily or weekly routine content, such as daily guessing movies, weekly movie vane, watercress, Oscar, etc., to enhance the user’s brand awareness, stable user browsing time expectations.

7, content output. Exporting quality products to the outside of the station will benefit both the product brand and the users who contribute the highest quality content, such as the daily newspaper and the moment.

8, high quality content output user maintenance. Users who produce good quality content are a small part, and should have someone to do regular, routine, communication and motivating work. This can also be done to the user’s job content.

9, data analysis. All the content of the operation to do, depends on the final proceeds, even if only this topic posted UV, push open rate per day and other data. Pay attention to and analyze these data and make continuous optimizations.

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