July 17

Actual case sharing how to make web design rules to follow


with the increasing number of open platforms, all kinds of application services derived from them are increasing. Site design of these application services is colorful, with a myriad talents.

, we can find out whether the design of these websites is regular or not.

usually a web site has a lot of goals to accomplish, and like apps, services, or programs, the main goal of the site is to attract visitors to buy or register their products.

can analyze

in several ways




from the overall color of its elements with the construction is not difficult to see that this is a children’s education related website, push is entertaining products and services.



they provide rain forecasting service for the current location of the user. Blue blue is a sign of rain and snow. It looks better than the red color of a protective umbrella.



they specialize in providing strong email marketing services to their clients. Bright colors suggest a company full of enthusiasm and vitality.

The combination of

colors indicates this information.




the general visitor’s line of sight will start at the top left corner of the page, scanning the top of the site (Logo, navigation),

then, their eyes moved downward, reading the next area… The product simulation screenshots and simple text introduction, through this beautiful display area, they began to have a preliminary impression of the site.

visitors can see what the actual application is like when they see the product’s analog display. If you can allow potential customers to imagine using the product, you’re starting to stir up their desire to buy.

more importantly, this kind of picture not only attracts visitors, but also passes on information that is easy to use for visitors.

if you paint a vivid picture of visitors, and you feel that users can benefit a lot from using your product, their desire to buy will swell.


finally, when the user makes the decision >

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