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Luxury goods and electricity providers natural enemies There are some ice breaking changes taking p


in the vertical electricity supplier in the luxury goods business is to live in the most bitter one of class ha, last year, the closure of the closure, layoffs, it is negative news. At that time, even the industry concluded that luxury and electricity providers are born two genes, completely not match, simply can not go together.

, there’s some truth to that.

1. electricity supplier = cheap, this idea has been ingrained in the minds of many Chinese consumers, but luxury businesses are reluctant to discount, after all, this discount on the brand image damage. So even if the stock sold, many manufacturers would rather throw to move to online sales, will hold the brand premium.

2., consumers buy luxury goods, not only commodities, there is a feeling when VIP, this line and line gap is too large, and almost impossible to catch up. Online, such as the LV store in Hongkong, the store limit flow 100 people, you fancy a package, refers to, the clerk should bring white gloves, take the bag down, handed you back. You get the people out of a beautiful bag for you installed, and finally the beautiful girl smile to see you out. Online? You see is nothing more than a bunch of pictures, then orders, a few days later, a courier uncle fatigued with the journey to knock on the door, and then handed you a tape for several laps of the box to get the box broke……

3. most sad reminder of the main consumer groups of luxury goods, the price is not sensitive, people are not bad money, there is no interest in online shopping cheap bargains.

could it be that luxury is really an electricity supplier insulator?

luxury electricity supplier is really not good to do, but the situation may not be so bad. Recently, and the crown group (Taiwan brand, 60 years of history, main luggage) general manager Jiang Xiyi in-depth exchanges a few days ago, they in the Tmall 30 out of the 8000 block of the trolley to the pre-sale, 35 days sold out, although tens of thousands in Tmall is not what big business. But such high-end box can then sell it, or let them surprise. Of course, the crown is not a line of luxury brands, but 8000 pieces of a tie box, anyway, I think it is a luxury price of dongdong.

communication down, my feeling is a luxury electric shock, but not entirely can not, the first three questions, seemingly still can try to break through the path.


1. is not love luxury discount Mody, but cheap electricity supplier can’t sweep Weihuo, other uses of


crown this sales approach is the first + pre-sale, the 8000 bar box, known as fingerprints out of the box, the world’s first, but also specifically looking for spokesmen Nicky Wu to the platform. Network first

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