July 17

Blue personal webmaster pattern breakthrough

Wang Zhang Zhengjun found me, want to talk about Admin5 Adsense net profit model. To tell the truth, I understand this business to the webmaster is not thorough, but is willing to use the only little knowledge of a display slight skill before an expert. Because this group of webmaster has super vitality, and obviously has too many defects – such typical samples, very valuable research.

appearance, the webmaster busy all day domain name, quickly generate web pages, a large number of information, and through SEO and search engine blog, all ascension PR value and flow method in droves…… With the full concept of macro theorists compared to the low-end, so the latter often not cared for and the webmaster webmaster, often self pity (purely personal understanding, there may be bias). In fact, many stationmaster income, if willing to take salary out in the sun, I am afraid that those out of high-grade commercial buildings, all day wear white-collar workers for zican ashamed. There is a saying: occupation rank, labor remuneration is glorious, from this point of view, the webmaster do not have too the theorists view seriously. However, a few individuals can not represent the entire industry, the webmaster of this industry has many problems: because it is engaged in the downstream industry chain, to reduce technical barriers because of the increasingly fierce competition, profits are falling, and the garbage station and SEO and other deceptive behavior is excessive in damage to the image of the whole industry, it can be said that the webmaster the group increasingly sad day.

I think the reason comes down to two words: pattern. The pattern determines the individual value orientation, the individual status affects the development prospects of the entire industry, and the relatively close of the webmaster group creates many human factors that hinder the upgrading of the structure. In view of this, the fate seems to have already come to every webmaster head. Is that so? For the moment, let’s take a look at another group that is relative to the Webmaster: the Internet theorist.

Internet theorists have many nicknames: the industry, the IT elite, and the experts…… They are good at summing up, like looking forward (or say Gao Wuyuan), more willing to predict the trend of development, the industry talked about the hot spots. In short, they do not lack macro concept, there is no lack of communication skills, have the opportunity to get VC favor, seems to be further from the so-called success. But this group although the surface is bright, really want to compare with stationmaster, likelihood of success is lower possibly. Obviously, the nearest to success is the doer who has a macro structure and can dig out the details.

The pattern of

around a circle back to the owners of this group, we seem to see a solution: if the owners no longer due to the infinite detail of mining, but in the premise of adequate food and clothing under study overall view, clearly grasp the development trend of the Internet industry, by virtue of its technical superiority and online marketing experience to be able to achieve good breakthrough, thus opening up a new pattern. Foreshadowing too much spirit, the following began to cut into the theme.


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