July 17

Baidu new station included in the detailed record

himself is also a rookie (in the text if there is a mistake, welcome prawns pointed out), but still hope to put some of my own station experience written out, for the majority of rookie friends do some reference.

test purpose: in only a small amount of outreach, not doing the premise of friendship links, Baidu included,


site type: game station.

domain name application time: I will apply for a good domain name before the station, and then put it for a month to use (I also see some of the experts mentioned in the article).

domain name: www.pspjia.cn (PSP game house, in fact, we do the rookie station, choose almost a domain name on the line, including keywords, you can not waste too much time.


site time: 2008-06-11

included in the process:

06-11: good station, the day I went to Baidu immediately to know the registration of two accounts, a question and answer two questions.

06-12: the afternoon to continue to Baidu know new problems and I find sites of the same type, answer 2 (preferably with answer users’ questions, write their own original thing, don’t get too fake, people see that is to send advertising, find the problem can find some simple the answer, answer after the Baidu know the source, making their own.


06-13: change the account number, continue to go to Baidu, know the answer, or the same as yesterday, answer two.

06-14 number: in the morning at Baidu know answer two questions, at noon on the Admin5 forum sent a chapter for connection post, in the afternoon to Baidu active submitted my web site.

06-15: from today, I did not add any external links, nor do any links, just on the front of the Baidu know on the outside.

many friends say, the best to find a few links, will do to speed up included, this said good, connection site in Baidu weight higher, for our own small station is naturally more good. However, it is estimated that most of the rookie can not find such a station, you are a new station, what else you,


Baidu crawl statistics


06-14: active submission to Baidu.

06-15: spider crawl 1 times, first crawl time: 22:07:34

06-16: spider crawl 419 times, first crawl time: 03:36:42

06-17: spider crawl 483 times, first crawl time: 02:07:30

06-18: spider crawl 283 times, first crawl time: 02:40:37


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