July 17

Adsense search 2 era coming

was a bustling speculation last year Baidu Aladdin plan finally on the line. What is Aladdin? Look at the official statement: Baidu search open platform is an open platform to share Baidu web search based on the data, the majority of owners and developers, structured data can be submitted directly to the Baidu search engine, realize the application of more powerful and more abundant, users get a better search experience. And get more valuable traffic.

to say a few more about Liu Xingliang:

1 is beginning to enter the search 2 era, one of the signs is that search engine results from "read-only" into "writable."".

, the search engine we searched for is no longer entirely available from Baidu, probably from outside Baidu.

2, which seems to be written at the moment, is only a personal station approved by Baidu, but a small step for Baidu’s Aladdin is to move on to search for 2 big strides.

at present, Aladdin is just open to individual stationmaster, and this individual stationmaster still must have unique resource, and still must be accepted by Baidu. So accurate, should be the webmaster’s search 2 era coming. But we can imagine that one day, the search engine is likely to open to all Internet users.

3, in China, Baidu is the pioneer of search 2;

around the world, Google is the pioneer of search 2. In Google English search results, users can drag the results, you can according to their preferences to sort the search results. For now, Google’s search for ordinary Internet users is 2 unsuccessful.

Comparison of

, 4, Baidu, Aladdin, and Google integrated search.

has a look, and the Baidu Aladdin plan is much like Google’s push in the integration search in the past two years. Because they all change the older results of traditional search engines: titles, indexes, and links all make search results rich, which makes blind testing difficult. The difference in three places: first, Google search integration technology are their own work, Baidu Aladdin is someone else, is the webmaster in it; second, Google search integration is the integration of their original things, Baidu Aladdin integration is the Baidu original without grasping to; third, controllability Google is better than Baidu.

Comparison of

5 and SNS open platform.

from SNS to search, search engines also open platform. The essence of the two should be the same, are for the third party open platform, providing their own platform, the third sides to provide content, together to provide better services for Internet users. The difference is in the form, which makes the search engine more convenient and more stupid. Internet users need more direct things, such as advanced search in the stuff, 99.99% of Internet users are not going to use.


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