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Local site operations how to form a user’s access to community habits

Development of

in the former wrote a local website forum a forum, and we want to discuss the topic today is how to form a community website user access habits, is to develop community user platform strategy: create an environment, establish contact points, give him a reason, interact with him, days and months multiplying. In short: all for good word-of-mouth publicity.

, first of all, product experience.

product experience, BBS product experience, the most important is fast, simple, convenient and clear. 1, the speed must be fast, the faster the net friend more like;

2, the product as simple as possible, complex, the post will increase the threshold, users will be difficult to access;

3, will give users the most convenient to find the entrance to his desired content, when the product experience we must pay attention to the way things is our site navigation and forum settings, so users can see at a glance what is this forum.

4, put all the sections together, just like the 19 floor. In the product experience, please master with standardized products, in the beginning do not invest a lot of manpower and financial resources to develop new products, basically PW, DZ meet the primary needs, even the first portal home page do is ok.

secondly: content experience.


content experience has four messages. The first is three words, useful, boring, local. This is the key to a local website layout.

1, in your website version, must have practical information.

2, boring information is humorous, allowing users to interact with information, so that users can feel interesting, fun. For example, in the mother and child channels, in addition to how to keep the baby’s information, in addition to some how to ensure that the baby’s health, the baby usually lovely photos and so on, to promote the initiative to share and concern parents.

3, local information, local web site if there is no local information, then there is no vitality, so collection is useless, there is no place to collect.

second points: the four aspects of information are practical, interesting, professional and interactive. Similar to the above, but more elaborate.

third: FOR principle, keep mogujie.com revealing the content of the website are currently doing FOR= we do a lot of community website content is very mixed content, in the content, our editor is not to create debris on the go, but to organize information. For example, many website furniture plate, practical book. R timely processing, self processing, you can refer to the next 19 floor home page, each connection point is a topic, so as to enable users in our selection of information inside the continuous click, enhance the appeal. This time we should pay attention to a problem is the degree of overlap and the degree of cleanliness of the content. A good content is like a diamond, if this diamond fell into the garbage.

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