July 17

Baidu’s adjustment Education station is happy or sad what course to follow

It is reported that the

Baidu headquarters to the provincial agency staff training center, yesterday received a Baidu customer service phone, Baidu for the Education Station "search promotion" to "education" thorough drainage, that is to say Baidu following the medical station after another major move, and gradually improve the net search.

As everyone knows,

, medical education station is the Baidu Center for large customers, the annual investment in the search for the millions or even tens of millions of years, we are going to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of Baidu gradually rectification measures.

according to the above figure can see, Baidu’s current focus is to "search promotion" removed from the bidding system of educational institutions, and gradually drained into the Baidu "education promotion", as for Baidu’s "promotion of knowledge", "enterprise" for the time being we but much to say, because the money is in the ranks of these relative to the general educational institutions, "the promotion of knowledge" in the words of individual will buy 2500 yuan a, a mechanism not only has the brand word, there are many professional terms, so count down the cost and quite high. As for the "enterprise window", that is the promotion of the brand, in the amount of consumption has certain restrictions. Below we focus on "education promotion."".

As shown in figure

: Baidu removed before that left eight and right eight of the bidding pattern, gradually improve the above bidding model, and a variety of professional class, the bidding mode, the user experience is more accurate, more direct differentiation, more user experience. The more the user’s choice and comparison of the strong, so the user can spend the shortest time, the most effective way to communicate directly to find the corresponding training institutions. Before the user is needed to click to compare the website, choose from the campus, campus, user cost, than training time than class, to many factors nearest school, so the site to a certain extent, the transformation is not effectively improve.

so what does this mean for educational institutions,


1, professional classification is more complicated, class type more, bidding cost more

2, the number of campuses is more important

3, price clarity is higher, contrast more

Why does

say that professional classification is more complicated and class type is more?. As everyone knows there will be a professional N class, a class, class, school class, face-to-face classes, courses, construe basic class, that is to say before each class from the professional to the benchmark auction model, gradually improved to class to compete for market share. This is according to Baidu’s official response, can display a variety of mixed classes in a bid board, that is to say your class bid higher, then you will show more and more display, now a professional can also show the three class above in a panel, a >

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