July 17

t’s so nice to have two wives Taiyuan women’s Web grew up in frustration


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Taiyuan women’s Web (www.lady0351.com) is the first professional female fashion website in Taiyuan. Is committed to providing including beauty skin care, makeup skills, hairstyles and dress collocation, body fitness, elegant dress school knowledge and the latest, fastest and most comprehensive information about fashion and consumer oriented services for local women


"efforts may not succeed, but to give up will fail!" this sentence has to my influence is no less, because I don’t want to give up, can not give up, this life I will want to focus on doing one thing, that is the success of the Taiyuan women’s network. Perhaps many webmaster are carrying their own business plan, and for it, hard work. At night, the radiation they still didn’t move the computer to accept, resist high pressure policy girlfriend or his family, a person endure solitude and loneliness, and this time I think which stationmaster are experienced, but hard to forget. At this point, I closed my eyes, and recalled the time and bitterness when I built it……

in November 2006, my advertising company operated for less than a year and closed down because of financial problems. This also meant that my first venture was a failure. That day, I borrowed five thousand yuan to several employees wages, let them to go to BOSS, the staff left, I sat alone in the deserted office, lit a cigarette, think a lot, I could not give up so easily my entrepreneurial dream. In the face of the debt owed, when his ideas are, but in order to his beloved woman and wonderfull life vision, I still pull over, sell some of the equipment of the company, called a moving company, a computer, a printer and two desks moved back home.

is also at that time, I was unemployed, who have not a penny, the last few months, when the wife salary was 600 yuan, 300 yuan in addition to rent, only 300 yuan living expenses, I don’t want her to be hungry at that time, so reluctant to spend money, at two a Clay oven rolls a bowl of soup, a packet of instant noodles at night (10 points later), the problem of food and clothing for me that will solve the. And the wife in my most lost time did not leave me, but silently support me, although at night often hungry stomach pain, but I still endure, and the heart said, "I must succeed!"


is also because of this very period, let me come into contact with what the Internet is, at a friend’s guidance, I asked him to borrow hundreds of yuan flat-share a space, buy a domain name, a shout: "construction site,"! That’s easy to say, hard to do ah, I was even FTP what is not clear, do not know how to do the site, so I added a lot of webmaster, ask some people finally with SS and DZ built the first website "own life wow" (which is a specialized knowledge of life skills and small the "charging station"). Site just built >

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