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From the end of the mobile nternet community picture 7 case 4 major trends

I dark horse note: October 2012, Facebook announced a $1 billion acquisition of only half a year on-line pictures social applications Instagram, so that the world know the real value of the mobile Internet picture community.

pictures community, has been hot mobile Internet in the past two years. Compared to the previous PC community more emphasis on text, mobile phones are natural for picture social, and pictures of social expression because more intuitive, concise and increasingly become mainstream social style.

below is the "entrepreneur" I dark horse summed up, China’s two recent surge in the existing representative picture community case, and trends:

one, Chinese version of Instagram:nice from young and tide Mito cut into, for the picture "tag"

I dark horse note: Instagram in China has a large number of imitators, but the most successful is probably nice. Within six or seven months, the successful completion of A, B rounds totaling $28 million financing, the establishment of less than a year of mobile end startups, Beijing extremely hi tech and its products nice become the recent hot spot.


label in the picture and the sun out of sharing interaction, nice has gathered a large number of domestic young trendsetter users, accounting for overseas users has reached 11%. As one of the few Chinese original Internet products, nice is accelerating the development of an international picture, social application.

based on the "picture + tag" model of mobile communities, can really become a global service users of new applications?

three starts

nice belongs to the company’s founder and CEO week, the first electricity supplier after the failure of the transformation of entrepreneurship.

Zhou was born in Beijing in 1984, since 1997 to collect the first pair of Jordan shoes so far, has been removed from the pioneer culture circle.

Zhou’s first obsession with limited editions of Jordan shoes, Nike shoes and trendy clothing has not been supported by his parents. A pair of avant-garde shoes, often one thousand or two thousand yuan, but also perennial purchase of new style, which is an ordinary civil servants, the family is really spending money.

in order to avoid the parents buy shoes from the beginning, the nagging, the first week to learn a small business selling shoes. The purpose is simple, with the money earned to buy their favorite shoes. As for the supply of goods, most of them from the first week by bike wandering in Beijing foreign trade shoes store franchise income, buyers are with good friends of this shoe.

in 1999, Zhou head has begun to buy shoes and sell shoes from abroad with the help of eBay platform.

in the summer of 2002, he was admitted to the Beijing Institute of Technology software engineering, Daoteng shoes are busy all day and participate in various circles, four years abandoned the basic professional courses. Sophomore year, the first half of the week

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