July 17

Grassroots webmaster talk about site navigation development process

website development is a difficult process, but also promote the progress of crystallization and wisdom, from the beginning of 2008 to buy a domain name, rent a space to do a station, everywhere can close your eyes and find several web site, web site development opportunities always exist, this is what I have been since it is very persistent, just start doing web site, a local station leader, was a friend of Wuhan. (whwz.com), he kindly recommended me to do local site, also gave me a copy of his program, he said the national development space is very small, the competition very intense, I refused his kindness, I personally feel that the development potential of a region for me is too small, I want to enter the big direction, even if the failure is good, at least you want to do, as long as you work hard. I believe that as long as the efforts Well, there’s always something to come by.

              not for a week, which is today the site navigation was born, like friends to promote persuasion, he said the site is difficult to make money, since you can not make money, but also more difficult to make money, then I will do public service station, do not know how much courage, push too hard is, then it is promising that I could not see the road twists and turns, I do not go to play, even though she was a webmaster, busy every day to sleep at 2 a.m., but the website traffic is still scanty, for me the confidence is really no way to describe the.

                after a period of time, I know he must have a problem, or should we change a direction to do, as many people say, website development lies in innovation, each successful model can be replicated, successful way can not be copied, just use Baidu Search dozens, hundreds of navigation station, what do I do to survive. At that time the movie station is the fire, I do a movie website alliance than to it, not only can help everyone can develop their own station is also good, you know the movie station, most of them are included in collection station, acquisition station is Dutch act, is to take on Baidu, Baidu counterfeit proud as Lucifer, ranking, K who would like to K who is simply a kind of people, so I was watching, I thought it would offend offend me, a collection of more than 800 movie website, each station is selected, the PR level never mind, but the site does not have a pop-up ads, not every two or three days not open, with all my heart to do, become QVOD film union leader, it is completely put Baidu offend. But Google seems to pay more attention to the role of the site from pr0-2, PR2 to 4, only seven months time, site traffic is from less than 100 to grow with each passing day, and to 2000 today, although not too much, but time is limited.


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