July 17

Geng Jie Grassroots nternet entrepreneurs essential elements of success

went back to Admin5 and share my experience and experience, I remember the first submission, I was young and ignorant of the high school students, because full of entrepreneurial love went on the Internet this way, now our company has more than 200 employees, I am also from Hong Kong Polytech University school. Read my article, friends must remember, I am a "three noes" background of high school students, the founder of IT online education website – happy computer network (www.pctop1.com) to understand this website data one can know, now the popularity is not good, but I can venture capital, to support the company more than 200 employees, I how is this possible? Grassroots Internet entrepreneurs to be successful and should have what factors


number one: keep your dreams and your feet on the ground. I have seen too many entrepreneurs hope to enter the field of Internet, and then disappointed to come in thinking about how to challenge the existing lofty ideals and high aspirations, commercial pattern, thinking about how to succeed, holding Jobs, Bill Gates biography excitedly cried, but he may have to live in a rented house, mouth to eat cabbage, too much conjecture can not succeed, success requires down-to-earth work, dreams are depressed your arm.

second: jump out of the circle and expand your connections. The technology is not the best, I’m not the best idea, my eloquence is not the best, but I am absolutely the same period entrepreneurs (09 years) in the roots of the most successful, how do I do? I don’t set yourself a yoke, I don’t want to be locked inside, I often see Ma Yun and Robin Li’s speech, I read a lot of books, and then I go to my first speech, the newspaper that I recommend themselves, and I said our school has a student named Geng Jie, senior high school students’ entrepreneurial deeds what, then told reporters, Geng Jie can succeed, he is reported an inspiring, is conducive to the 90 out of the confusion of things; you can find friends, I put it up to the level of humanity and morality, the reporter did not refuse my reasons, then the major newspapers have come to interview, I More and more famous, more and more lectures, I also do business training, friends around the boss of various industries, so I want to sell their ideas, it is very easy. Many of the people who do the Internet confine themselves to engage in technology circles, so it is equal to cut off the arms, you want to fly with your money, you can not understand, your website can not good, but can be better, if you have money.

third: the biggest failure is to give up, insist on always success. Chinese people’s thinking mode has always been very mellow, we speak of the ancients most afraid of mistakes, but also afraid of premature give up. If you think this industry will have greater development, we must insist that many of my friends call me, I want to switch to the Geng Jie, do the Internet for a long time, not to earn money ~ I happy computer network now has been almost four years, four years, then.

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