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Master these four small game station can also make big money

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Li Xuezhi has a dictionary habit, boring dictionary last night see the word "life", think of a friend, he began looking for my website to website title is "life is like a play". I think that is very interesting, because of his position to "life is like a play" is the game website, but I had heard the name of the thought is almost a fine film website and prose website. I have this feeling, other visitors will have this feeling, so if this site to build, according to the name of promotion, optimization, must be difficult! So many friends website Yuzuo subjective thinking is still too heavy! The author Li Xuezhi to remind here a little, no rules no Cheng Fangyuan, website, promotion the website, must go to the objective analysis, think about your target group in what to think, what will be found, rather than how do you think you do, how would you do it; get rid of the subjective thinking, it is easy to fall into the narrow self world, will make the site difficult to get out of a road in the search the engine of the site. The following is the author of Li Xuezhi for many years for game type website establishment, selection, promotion of personal opinion, hope for the majority of game webmaster useful.

game site building notes:

1, the choice of game platform needs: play the game itself, recharge function, online customer service

2, the style of the game page should be: simple and clear, light color selection, platform information, home page at a glance,

3, website background statistics should have: can analyze the value of advertising,

4, the choice of technical team: the Li Xuezhi that technical team selection is the key to the establishment of the website, the technical team in addition to basic technology, thought also is the priority among priorities! A thoughtful technical team can avoid single rely on subjective thinking or objective thinking to establish a uniform website.

game website topics and content notes:


is now the Internet industry is more small, more walk more difficult to walk; to search some key words, you enter the landing page is a large portal, now the portal enclosure, one after another into the local industry, more and more small, resulting in a small website said of an aged person. So to do the time to choose a topic! Relatively large portal is not paid much attention to the "point" topic, do a professional website for a game, and then do a lot in the content of the original, do so out of the site will be unique, can also accumulate loyalty the user must, vitality and stamina will greatly enhance.

game website SEO optimization notes:

has just started a little game site, in the choice of keywords you must remember, selection of key words is the long tail keywords, long tail keywords because of intense competition after all some low; such as the author Li Xuezhi.

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