July 17

Clever backdoor SNS garbage station positive

"backdoor SNS, garbage station positive", the first post, a lot of attention. What’s the hottest in 2008, SNS?. A school, a happy, two hot can not. And Kang Sheng Uchome is to let individual Adsense together on the SNS ship. Whether it is a blessing or a curse, a competition or an opportunity, each has his say.

I’ve always wanted to make SNS, no, but to know a lot of friends, one of the friends to global network backdoor SNS station positive story is very real, easy to bubble net regular wave is called atlas, a picture stand, too little to say, is a map pick station. A wave Atlas of the flow in general, day IP, up to less than 5000. Usually in 2000 or 3000 rooms, and Alexa is around 800000. There is no value, except advertising is the only kind of boring talent at night to visit the kind.

but he was by UChome shell, abruptly put garbage into the normal station, now the Alexa average in March 280000, the day at around 60 thousand, the number of users is more than 20000. Just two months, two months’ change.

stayed up until midnight to know that there were two main aspects of his success. On the one hand, the flow of garbage to the main station SNS, on the other hand, there are original content, Baidu, Google included, so that traffic is guaranteed. He also has a different place with people, he has done a few sets of easy bubble net QQ expression, send to QQ group, let everybody use, this is also a flow source. A netizen wrote: a global network can be easily called " easy global network " the more straightforward, a little subtle, really easy bubble, just get no experience, a photo album is full of ass, my God, this is not what I made a mistake about induction, give me away, but they are taking pictures as visible communication content.

garbage station no matter how positive, or will have the smell of garbage, beautiful pictures are always the first content. But he says traffic is up, advertising revenue is not as good as it used to be. Of course, for a reason, when the garbage station, the whole station is advertising, to flow is money, click on the income. And after the transfer of SNS, advertising dare not put more, all in the humble places, the traffic has become water, but less income.

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