July 17

Chen Tianqiao two successful passwords for my success

"I have the same life experience as 99% of Chinese young people.". It’s not a bad thing to like playing games, but the key is to play the game". I just started playing games and starting a business. College students can find inspiration and find opportunities from their peers. But no matter what you do, focus first, second pay attention to rhythm."

is a business near friends admired Chen Tianqiao, he felt quite crazy after browsing involving almost all information about Chen: "Chen Tianqiao is nothing more than to play the comprehensive strength: in IT was he doing online, he play the stock in the online games inside, playing the stock inside his capital operation. Everything is a step faster than others."

but when Chen Tianqiao analyzed himself in CCTV’s dialogue, he summed up his two biggest success codes: "first, concentration, second, rhythm."."

focus can resist temptation,

Chen Tianqiao’s fortune is from the beginning of the "legend" of the online games, but before he began in his legendary life, he had been tempted by a variety of opportunities to earn money temptation.

1999, the 26 year old Chen Tianqiao and his brother Chen Danian in Shanghai expert Pudong New Area Academy of Sciences in the building of a pager house founded the royal network, and launched the network virtual community to "paradise valley". In 2000, Shanda received $3 million from the China network. This time Chen Tianqiao, always good to find new opportunities to make money, so soon, Shanda is widely involved in the online interactive entertainment community development and management, instant messaging software development and services as well as online animation, comics. At this time, Shanda has entered a confused and disorderly development.


achieve success and win recognition come to learn, Chen Tianqiao told Entrepreneurs: "when you look for a direction to go all out, only focus on the enterprise to succeed, diversified enterprises can survive but very difficult to succeed." And this is what he has the pain of cutting one’s body: "a wise remark of an experienced person enterprise often is your inspiration and your direction, I believe they should be full of confidence in the future, but I think they are most likely to make a mistake, that is my mistake, is called up to the implementation tactics diversification or wavering, he is not enough to focus on a point of breakthrough."

blind development, soon bear the consequences, Shanda fell into difficulties. After summing up the reasons for his failure, Chen began to seek change. At this time, "legend" entered his vision and attracted him deeply. He immediately wrote a thick stack of project proposals to zhonghua. "We brought back the legend, and I’m happy to say to our investors that this is a very good business, and we think we can make money and make a lot of money by the end of the year. But then our investors thought we were talking about a myth, so he said you could go alone, but we’re not with you

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