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How does a web site feature people build a project



is a kind of special content aggregation, aggregation of the common composition of the article, showing a large amount of information, impressive, will give the reader to browse this information to get a full range of cognition, to give readers trust and recognition, establish authority – Baidu Encyclopedia

in the reader’s cognition

topics usually require timeliness, so we should focus on speed first, so how can we achieve a special topic quickly? Let’s talk about it in detail.

one, topic type:

1, formal (change of head map, is the same content pattern), as shown below:


2, free and bold (not only the head chart, but also the content is more casual), as shown in the following picture:


3, with a play type (only a head Figure), as shown in the following picture: Note:


two, philosophy, principle:

1, multiplexing principle:


as shown above, the module will appear in the four seasons, so we need to encapsulate this module and keep it. The commonly used classification module, so that the day after reuse, save workload and improve work efficiency.

2, abandon principle:

as much as possible the application of Css3 technology, it can avoid using too much influence picture page opening speed, but also reduce the development of flash, of course, this drawback will cause the volume CSS page is large, low version of the browser display ineffective;


as shown above, the CSS distinction, such as the high version of the browser display, such as the low version of the browser display.

3, time principle:

usually requires a series of such activities as micro photography, spring, summer, autumn and winter, micro fiction, 123, and major holidays at the end of the year.

this requires that we have the ability to predict ahead of schedule, communicate with the demand side as soon as possible, confirm the time, and do a good job of personnel technical reserves as soon as possible.

three, construction plan:

the above types of topics, production processes are similar, topics and products are the same, mostly by block distinction, but the topic more visual impact, the layout is more arbitrary.


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