July 17

see big C and T Platon

C, whose real name is Dai Zhikang, a college by Comsenz president, written by Discuz forum software go to now, has occupied half of the country community software, its SupeSite, X-Space, ECSHOP, UCHOME, UCenter in the market are very strong response, Kang Sheng company has become the webmaster the company in Chinese on welfare, free software, services business philosophy and funds strong technical strength, has been fully deserve network has become the market leader, in the face of such a huge user base, 80 C has no head, still calm, just like the original discuz announced free, always adhere to their own business philosophy.

IT Platon, of the site all know. The author has set up his own company, like Kang Sheng discuz, dedecms in the majority of grassroots webmaster circles also have high visibility and the majority of users, but BLT seems to be in the business is not as strong as writing software seems to be tough. Huge customers dazzled, you need to understand that DEDE does not rely on technology to win, but rely on the user experience and win, they announced in the Empire free time to engage in their own set of charges, among other things, the new version of Dede you can have in comparison with other mainstream wind CMS, not take your own software to do a good job, to make their services, their customers is growing up, but the team launched what what the commercial version, a shrinking market, reflecting the poor, I Feel that BLT should learn C, cool cool cool again, develop their own target group, their software to do a good job, money is the last thing that the team is to develop their products, improve their competition, eventually the company bigger, feel BLT in the operation of a green hand like a kid. Look at what you have written in QQ’s signature: people are invincible, and do not say this sentence is right and wrong, only you a company manager saying it is a funny thing in your mouth, BLT is not a saint, but DEDE’s spiritual leader, to engage in this little trick, really disrespectful, ah, I hope Dede all the way.

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