July 17

How to make your website invincible

webmaster is most concerned about traffic, site traffic is ranked, the author here to analyze and summarize the reasons for the decline in rank:

one, ranking down one reason: external factors

1, a search engine optimization algorithm changes but you are Google or Baidu or algorithm determines your ranking algorithm change natural ranking was up and down, which is inevitable, is not controllable, so how to determine the search algorithm to change it, you can see when you change the ranking of other stations are all changes may be changed in the algorithm, if you just drop it, please consider other factors, solutions: a study of his algorithm and try to fit it.

2, by the black horse and cannot imagine a search cannot determine whether a site horse will be what kind of world, GOOGLE will have a malicious web site that Baidu did not, but if the horse is afraid of a long time, no one can search in Baidu to your site, the author’s personal experience, www.qqpub.cn station yesterday the horse, the updated weight drop, still do not know what time can be restored, although you do not hang, but do not know Baidu search, do not know, fortunately I discovered early, otherwise the station died, the lesson is painful, I hope you care for.

3, Links Links in the station was K, will not affect your site’s ranking, this is a controversial issue, but according to my experience, there is big or small not to say, but we prefer to believe them, have been K or removed as well.

two, ranking down two reasons: internal factors

1, robot.txt file setting error if it is, then you have ever on the amendment, but led to some grammar mistakes, so as to prevent search engines index your site, this effect is not only the decline in ranking, but disappeared.

2, key factors, location layout, keyword density of any one change can affect the ranking changes, SEO are trying to, what kind of layout will have good rankings, which will be punished, if it is considered to be one key words, ranking will be reduced, which is the new hand mistakes.

3, the website mistakes in the website is a great project, data transfer or acquisition is very troublesome, but also make the template, if you are a novice do not easily on your web site revision, with a notepad record Website Title Keyword layout is an important part of which describe the relevant keywords, and then carry out rectification a website should pay attention to what please search related articles, here is not to say.

4, 301, 302 redirection, 404 error page setting problem, once the author’s problems occurred in PHPCMS moved to the dedecms platform, the home page header file name index.php, index.html results, after installation left behind >

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