July 17

Hang in there and you’ll see the rainbow

The last time the

wrote that he had a station (tudou.com TV series: www.56tudoutv.cn) Baidu has not been updated a month, each update only update the page, good morning, Baidu once again updated, don’t know is a small update or update the station itself and update a point. But what surprised me most was that today’s traffic was 200, not much. I know, especially for the movie station, but this is my own persistence, plus the film, I have persevered and finally gained something, I am still very happy.


because the last time someone wrote an article that is Baidu update home station even if no update on what the future will be right, Baidu will be very serious, want to come again, very hard, was a bit discouraged the idea, do not want to do, but I think to almost two in the month, hold on for a while. Now, finally waiting for Baidu update, finally see his rainbow.

generally only update the home page of the station, basically all kind of collection of the station, oneself is also, movie and TV well. No way out。 I didn’t want to do what to do with the original, it is difficult to do, just to increase the chain, to increase their outside chain every day, can I have a friendship connection station connected, but still a lot of people don’t like my station, no way, but he is still to persist, as for how to find the chain that many people will.

I have a station: QQ space message code: www.qq206.cn is Baidu’s seal, with the front of the power, you certainly will continue to adhere to, believe a word: stick with it and you will see the rainbow. But for this station is not ready to do before, the first station is with the increase of the chain method, and the station itself ready to adhere to the original method to remove the seal of Baidu, do not know whether successful, can only be said to try, but what the result is, he is such a learned methods and experience to know the right and wrong way.

more and more articles tell us to adhere to, really good, but can adhere to the people do not know how much, the same to the webmaster said, stick to it, stick to it, you will see the rainbow.

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