July 17

Local online travel website user stickiness secret


have found that, now the most popular Internet travel sites are almost always in the destination oriented, to the hotel, ticketing, service for the auxiliary site? Most of them in the national and even global market, seems to be in a gezonglianheng Hotel, scenic spots and travel strategy in scale tell us everything for local, online travel website, this is not only a crisis is an opportunity to win, the key lies in the user stickiness.

1) let the user fall in love with you first

if an online travel website APP website or despise UI design, so the user experience from start from the moment all over, tourism is supposed to pleasurable feelings and visual sensory journey, who will not choose an interface ugly travel website as the start of a journey. Let users love you enough to let the user first fall in love with you for every tourist site should be "drunk beauty tourism", should be in addition to the design, one of the magic weapon of detailed picture is attractive beautiful HD, IT ear that Baidu travel very good, worthy of local online a study of Tourism website.

2) reviews travel notes can not be less

numerous scenic spots and scattered advantages do national or global market of tourism website, but also their shortcomings, the online travel website if you make good use of limited and focused on the tourism resources can accumulate abundant resources and useful comments on blogs. Jingdong and the group comment will do very well, score + feel + sun single mode can also be applied to the local tourism website, very useful for the evaluation must give similar "serious evaluation" or "essence" label to encourage users to speak. By contrast, the travel notes are the tasks that editors and users must complete together. High quality and large number of travel notes not only stimulate people’s desire to travel, but also add points to the corresponding scenic spots to promote the transactions of local online travel websites. Reviews + blogs will let users more love to stay on your travel website, this digital tail share articles and mafengwo travel is on the online travel website research.

3) use O2O to arm web activity

, don’t think how difficult O2O is, which is very good for local online travel sites. Organize a group of users to travel (scheduled from their website), during the tour encouraged to do more joy photos, after coming back online activities so that they release micro-blog and WeChat circle of friends (referred to their website), and evaluation on the website as much detail as possible in this scenic spot tourism experience, choose the good a small gift doll what, this is a good O2O process. Through online sites or APP driven offline travel, in line to experience feedback to the line, a virtuous circle, as long as the fun to play, word of mouth will help users strengthen the stickiness of the site.

4) Limited and limited marketing activities

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