July 17

A few small details to keep you fit

    details: a few plants are put in the legend of cactus beside the computer, can effectively absorb radiation, but will be tied to the people, and there is no effect no scientific basis, is not recommended; as is the green plants, plants can make you more oxygen, keep a clear mind.

details of the two: to operate a computer screen when the best security in a computer special color filter panels to reduce the radiation hazards, indoor loitering should not place metal objects in order to avoid the re emission of electromagnetic waves. When using a computer, it is necessary to adjust the brightness of the screen. Generally speaking, the larger the screen brightness is, the stronger the electromagnetic radiation is, and the less it is on the contrary. However, it can not be adjusted too dark, so as not to affect the effect due to the brightness is too small, and easy to cause eye fatigue.

details three: for busy and busy people, the easiest way to eliminate fatigue and resist computer radiation is to drink 2 to 3 cups of mint tea every morning and eat an orange. Peppermint tea is the most popular form of refreshing, recently recommended by the American Fitness magazine as a healthy drink. According to a recent study, peppermint protects against spasms, relaxes muscles, and reduces muscle stiffness and pain. Mint tea can stimulate the movement of food in the digestive tract, and help digestion, especially for stomach upset, or eating too greasy food after drinking. Work in front of the computer office workers, when the spirit is not good, should drink a cool mint tea, which is conducive to refreshing and relieve stress. In addition, the Mint has a unique fragrance will be brought mouthwash or drinking peppermint tea can not only cheek teeth, fresh breath, also can eliminate sore gums.

details four: should be as much as possible to use the new purchase of the computer, generally do not use the old computer, the old computer radiation is generally more severe, at the same distance, similar models under the conditions, is generally 1-2 times the new computer.

details five: computer placement is very important. Try not to let the back of the screen toward someone’s place, because the most powerful computer radiation is the back, followed by the left and right sides, the screen is the weakest radiation. In order to see clearly the word, at least 50 cm to 75 cm distance, which can reduce the harm of electromagnetic radiation.

details six: pay attention to indoor ventilation, scientific research confirmed that the computer screen can produce a brominated two benzo furan carcinogenic substances. So, the computer room the best place to install the fan, if not, when the Internet with particular attention to ventilation. Especially in a large office environment, air quality is very important.

details of the seven: pay attention to appropriate eating some carrots, bean sprouts, tomatoes, lean meat, animal liver, rich in vitamins A, C and protein food, often drink some mint tea, eat more fruits and vegetables, while you can, try to eat more whole grains, such as sweet potatoes, corn, etc..

details eight: often people who work in front of the computer often feel dry and sore eyes, so it is necessary to put a few bananas on the computer table, and the potassium in the banana can help the body to arrange

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