July 17

Have you ever failed a college startup team

, the world is crazy. People who buy eggs and fried rice want to go public. Tens of thousands of college students entrepreneurial team with copy and finishing the business plan around in search of VC on the road. Seeing the trend of entrepreneurship in full swing, I can not help asking, "have you ever failed in the university entrepreneurship team?"

blood filled themselves in knots, thought invincible. A good website idea, a three – stream network technology, an advertising sponsorship contract, so you can walk all over the world. Fortunately now there are millions of Chinese have ideals and aspirations of college students, but it is not the experience of college students social practice team, once their business plans, have no echo. Because he is one of them, to sum up his failure lesson, there are the following aspects:

1, see all their own halo. Some people say that the successful experience of ten million, but the failure of only one or two lessons. I buried myself in appreciating my talent, and I found my way in this easy life. Even when I was in trouble, I thought Liu Bang, a small citizen, could not beat Xiang Yu.

2, ideal is beautiful, reality is cruel. Many people are struggling at the edge of their ideals, can not see the dawn of the day after tomorrow, die in the evening. Many people are talking about, perseverance, but more people lost three people tiger temptation. Let others leave your dedication as to when his faith began to waver.

3, there is no clear profit model. The team’s success lies in the improvement of the concept, failure in the jump of thoughts. In the battle to encircle the city in the countryside, the revolutionary base areas in the countryside did not grasp well and rashly marched into the city. As a result, they died miserably, and some had already become. It’s like a model of business: nothing – Pinnacle – – nothing.

4, a dead enemy broken. Every day, companies can’t get rid of the fate of dying, but every leader wants his life to be longer. There is a saying, Dajiangshan easy to keep country is difficult, not everyone can withstand sugar coated bullet success is, the first step in the long march.

always feel that failure is nothing terrible, and now the failure is to fail in the future will be even worse. Hope, millions of Chinese University Students entrepreneurs, experienced more failures, setbacks, so that grievances called their own big heart, Daxue163 with you through the wind and rain together.

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