July 17

A beautiful personal website and Baidu a good misunderstanding


cannot see how rainbow, if the K event when the night wind and rain, so I believe that" over three days to put aside the site for blood "will be able to make your own website Baidu included as a rainbow.

own website is k, actually not to say my website has illegal information to exist or own intentionally cheat. At present, I summed up 2 points: first, one of their links is Baidu K, and did not promptly delete; two, in May he had collected a portion of literary articles. In fact, I collected the purpose is not to increase traffic for their own site, or as their own purposes.

this time, my website was K, and I compare it to "a good misunderstanding with Baidu."". The reason why "good" is because I wanted to give my website as a beauty, but just for the more than 300 IP traffic indecision. Now, I am determined to make a revision. Can I thank Baidu here?

above is my own emotion think, below I talk about the revision of some technical thoughts.

in fact, some websites are also existed by K because technical problems lead to being K. Some new owners lack the necessary construction technology, structure and code standard of serious ZhengZhan does not meet Baidu’s requirements. If that is because they are SEO or flow of cheating, it’s flattering them. I think this is my K page technology ignore some, so the first revision modify the page links to make the page link level control in the 4 layer, for example, http://s.www.2a2b.cn/down/ab/42678636267.html, which is convenient and convenient for visitors to Baidu included page.

secondly, I made further changes to the title of the page, added page or column name, removed keywords and added my name. Finally, I would like to say, try to write more original articles and procedures, highlight their own priorities, enhance their own advantages, so that personal websites better and faster development.

"a blessing in disguise". I take it as an own happiness.

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