July 17

Ali mom don’t you be so shameless OK

didn’t come to Admin5 for a while and he wrote something. Mainly recently very annoying, 360 movie traffic is up, but advertising has encountered problems. Give Ali mom face and put "it" ad. He is very like NB, an unwarranted charges let you stand into taoke. After 2 days, they cancelled their ad, but became a title. They find the service of "their" said a long time, just like on the piano talk the same, always a few words! I don’t know what Ma Yunyang so much cattle? Your technology is not very bad? This idea to live without, robots can ah. How many meals can you save?

just want to say Ali mother is despicable, shameless! I began to stand advertising for Taoke, even if it is not a big deal, but because I cancel your advertising my account number, that is, you are too out of the ordinary.

Ali mom customer service: 6 (14:22:38):

Hello, please do not worry, oh, the current site is normal, oh, and has not been blocked

Ali mom customer service: 6 (14:24:51):

please do not worry, oh, please continue to build a good site, we will review the website, if the site continues to build, there is a chance to open Oh,


the above conversation that I stand was not cheating, just follow your ideas for me is not my website construction is good, so there is no qualification to click on ads on display! 2 days later and said to them, or this sentence! This is your audit efficiency, it is quite can. After all, how many cows do you have and millions of stations waiting for you to audit?. I can’t help it. Don’t worry about it, then I’ll cancel my advertisement. OK?. But by the time I cancelled my advertisement, it was less than 30 minutes before I received their mail!. Please note that your website’s free cinema data has been banned from advertising by clicking on it. How fast is this efficiency? I don’t understand. I haven’t heard any data ads for the last 2 days.


now let them say what 2 months and reopened the investigation period or have the opportunity to see the data. And just started cheating me 2 days to see the same routine! I don’t know what the head is. I don’t show any ads. I’ll hang you for 2 months. I’ll give you 2 days in front to give you a face. Give them unusual evidence and nothing will come out. Just started to really look at the horse’s face to do the trick like this alliance. How long do you think you’ll live?. Lately, like me, I don’t feel like one. I can guarantee that I did not use your mother Ali cheating, you can, and I am equally confident that you are committed to cheating station? You hurt the feelings of the majority of small and medium-sized webmaster. If a website does not cheat, so easy a cheat conclusion, obviously is to small and medium-sized webmaster’s insult. I see you so easily sealed small Adsense website and income, have no >

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