July 17

Grassroots webmaster also do web game station

for the first time in the Admin5 document, some opinions, please do not laughed at.

my station is still under construction, the game on-line time is uncertain, but we can also see my station, feel my thoughts, my station called Amoy music network, is fair, one step ahead, step by step leading to the success of the.Hao123, because her owners have a keen insight, the success of the Alibaba. Because the old QQ is not bad, prophetic vision, because people are now "concept. First impressions are strongest in the early game, progress is still groping. In my opinion, there are 15% Internet users in the network related work or is the webmaster, owner, shop owner, or even how much the size of occupation game player. How many webmaster, China website, on the assumption that belongs to a station 3 station, the station groups can also be considered a group that can not be ignored, the shop owner and the number of these people? There is not much time to play client games, then they will choose web games, entertainment, entertainment,.

you may think you are right, you make a stand can make money, you do? I think can speak frankly, I believe everyone will see my station, like playing cards as simple, actually also like playing cards as fun, since with the poker for example, then the game will be lost and won, didn’t you go to see my station, maybe you don’t understand, actually winning is a kind of opportunity, I think so, if there is any advertising alliance station can do real-time payment so his advertising may be beyond, Ali mother, beyond the 9 win, beyond the achievement of alliance why, but no one can do this? I don’t believe that the alliance is to bilk, or go to the bank for interest, the main program is too cumbersome, so there is a music Amoy platform is not available Union members can solve these? To 10 yuan in exchange to hold the game chips, can even be 1 yuan, and then in the web game to earn more, maybe 1 yuan of money he lost, but he felt that advertising is good, good reputation, he earned, earn a certain amount, you can change the prize. She said. But, this is actually an important part of my promotion! Choose several advertising alliance cooperation.

my site title is: Amoy music bar, look at advertising, earn Amoy coins, play games, Amoy awards,

game in the promotion of advertising alliance also is not afraid of a good promotion, many game player, to enhance the visibility of the owner, Taobao, the forum moderator, adding users, also led advertising profits, many people play games, do promotion alliance naturally more people, why choose our advertising alliance. Because we complement each other and common interests is the prerequisite for cooperation


also asked, where is your profit? Have the exchange ratio, this ratio is QQ game hall game currency and coins, maybe you will say, money don’t, then you are wrong, you may not play hundreds of people, tens of thousands of people to play you dare not underestimate addition is the site of the Title of the advertisement, "

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