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Hardware electrical and mechanical tools industry how to do well in network marketing

now, network marketing has become the development trend of the times, especially in the field of electronics, clothing, network marketing share has become increasingly heavy, but in the traditional mechanical and electrical hardware tool industry, due to the quality of employees and the enterprise cost and customer service factors, in the field of network marketing has been difficult, the market share is far lower than that of other industries. Then, hardware mechanical and electrical tools industry practitioners how to do network marketing? The author from the 05 year contact mechanical and electrical tools hardware industry, engaged in network marketing for many years in Zhejiang, Yongkang and Shanghai, so many friends have asked me how to do network marketing work, actually I think network marketing it as long as the good points can be:

first: how to let people from the vast crowd to find you,

network marketing, to put it bluntly, is to allow your accurate customers to find you quickly and easily, and to establish contact with you. Many people think that this is to fill in the company’s online contact: telephone, fax, mobile phones, Email and so on, but in fact it is not.

for example, many companies hope that customers can find themselves in the network, all spend lots of money to make their own enterprise website or in a variety of BBS, blog, B2BB2C posted on the website information, the results have little effect, this is because you use the method not to, the less effective.

issued enterprise business information, it is not possible, because the enterprise pursues the value, if you pay too much, and the return is not big, the investment is a failure, so before the release of information, it is necessary for accurate positioning, with hardware electrical industry, release the information of the enterprise, the best it is published in the electronic commerce website on the corresponding

at present, the more well-known B2BB2C hardware, electrical and mechanical tools industry free website:

1, Alibaba hardware

2, Huicong hardware network

3, Kim Taiming hardware electrical network

4, merchant tiger China hardware

5, commodity resource network industry

6, business network hardware

7, China supplier hardware tools

8, China supplier

9, China industry information network, hardware

10, China manufacturing network,

other manufacturers such as local mechanical and electrical hardware tools industry association portal or hardware industry portals, and web sites such as: valve net, net, building materials, machinery valve network network, network, network tools and so on auto parts. It is fast and convenient, first businesses to put their products into a beautiful picture, consistent with the product description, include business license, organization code certificate and other information, commodity add the best brand and product name, model etc.. Secondly, after releasing the product information >

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