July 17

Experience nternet companies do not sell the idea of websites

, when making this announcement, there must be a lot of peers laughing at us.

1, how about the sales process, or the user who buys the program, how far can such a website go?

answer: sales process, you can know that this program can be infinitely copied, then, as a user, how do you compete?.

2, a network company is limited to selling web packages, what is the ultimate goal?

answer: you can bind a lot of services, post office + space + site templates. How can you build your website or your e-commerce platform? Then you choose these packages and you choose their prices and their services. I can tell you that the Internet company can help you, because that’s what they should do. One is just selling such packages, and I’m sure to tell you that after they’ve finished selling, you can make sure your website is browsing properly. They are doing their proper service, and they are selling at the same time.

3, build it, do not sell sites, sales, and more aware of the sale at the same time need win-win situation, if sales users are not practical web site, how can we achieve win-win situation?


answer: build a station, launched the enterprise free website construction, this free enterprise website construction, launched website construction must project: space + site template + domain name is completely free. It is the website users to buy website operation ideas, if someone gave you 100 thousand, but we give you is how you earn 100 thousand, rather than 100 thousand.

4, choose to build it, and other network companies what is different,


answer: site construction, chain operation, website construction, we can do most of the city in the country for you to do site construction planning, so that you really have to build the station, the national worry free service. For example: Sichuan, a customer in the website, Sichuan agents may not received your information, you can contact the other station’s agents to help you solve, you can find it in Shandong station to help you solve, but also a free service, you can ask like this, if they don’t help you. He can complain to the station’s headquarters, (namely the sale of the company), we verified the regional agent service were investigated by the station personally to help you solve the problem.

5, how to become a site agent,


answer: to become the site of the chain agent, you need to pass the terminus of the assessment. Being a man is one of the most important standards: honesty, devotion and confidence.

6: how to do a good job building chain, regional agents


answer: A, to build site, website construction process is very familiar with. B, to the building site chain, share resources to treasure, this brings together all agents entrepreneurial experience. C, learn to stand in the customer position, consider the problem and combine the actual situation to solve the problem for the customer. D, you will be the agent in that area

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