July 17

Grassroots do stand half moon sad experience

in Webmaster nets above, read a lot of related Baidu included articles, see also see, and then use the way, method is not so, every day that is a single idea, site. Always feel that one day, Baidu spider can find, a little disappointed feeling, but also a disappointment once defeated.

my site is a forum, now the daily flow of about 100 people, the station changed at the beginning of some of the original program that began to submit the URL, then only a great feeling, but now I know the mind too. Then slowly changed. Later, I went to see the relevant articles above the webmaster net, and then summed up a little bit of trouble, but also began to operate in such a way.

1, article.

because of its original site, there is no article, borrow other sites of the article was changed title, in the content at the end of the add part of the text and this close. Remember webmaster nets above many articles mentioned, spider is not a person after all. With this sentence, I began to change the operation of the title.

2, connection.

station is only with small point connection, not included the site included site looking for opportunities are slim, PR is the site of the first movement is site:cnz6.com.cn, because has not been included, often like the gestures girl kicked back. Then use their resources, to connect with some big site, but the way I change into my home, do as I do for the station station page, gave the head, the content page advertising to do the connection, because the advertisement position only forum not be much less, I chose the large advertisement is bigger, also can let other personal connection exchange site, at least they know that you are worthy of trust of the station site, will slowly accept you.

3, promotion

previously in order to flow to deceive others try monthly flow, a few days a day, dozens of live, and now feel still very embarrassed, should be considered a life like a mouse. Later, I knew that this kind of garbage flow would make Baidu despise and stop this lifestyle immediately. Now the way is with the link to the site of the special cooperation Station was a spider climb for a short time, I will try to become the media support site, so that my site will be included in Google, the surprise is a one-time collection of more than 1000, so I am very surprised.

4, resource network

uses the resources in hand to communicate with them and become friends, so that the relationship will be closer. Unless there are some companies running the site, the company provides a way of cooperation, otherwise you have to cooperate is still very simple, but also to see your own way of communication.

A few

points above is I do this station for half a month figured things, be included on the engine bored to write out, I think.

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