July 17

Jade industry forum how to break through the siege

an emerald industry forum, actually small series of jade things do not know, but today I will talk about this topic why jade industry forum? This is from me to buy a jade experience about the purchase of green, I see some drawbacks now jade industry forum, here we come with talk about:

said in 2 months ago, I want to buy a piece of jade pendant almost through the network, so big is not decent of their own ", " jewelry; due to hear people say Dai Feicui is good for the body, I would choose to buy a piece of jade jewelry for yourself, because do not understand the jade this thing before, do not know what is good, what is bad, that we can make a network, use Baidu Search ah, what problem can be solved with


then by Baidu found several aspects of jade forum, perhaps as we find the SEO A5, such a forum like, think to get from the inside to get ", " dry cargo; but a stroll after, I found that I think a bit simple, the entire forum inside be full of business advertising, although there are special goods in the business sector, but some other real knowledge they have been occupied sector


around the circle, his knowledge does not understand how much to sell jade businesses do remember a lot, a curious and posted himself in it, soon be drowned, to tell the truth, such a visit, the knowledge on their own jade rise is not much, but this attracted me another aspect of the idea, is the problem of development direction of emerald industry forum, the US Title:

jade industry forum how to blaze trail " ":

now the jade industry forum has a lot of mature, such as jade, Weidong like this, but the long-term development will inevitably have some problems, think now emerging jade forum if I think about it, we must consider the following 3 questions (Bryant do not spray ah):

1, purpose: "to be honest, now build many websites and forums are some businesses to do, the main purpose of the establishment of the is to sell their own things, if that is the purpose, this forum is very difficult to develop, after all, the starting point is not white jade on the user, so that the site at the beginning, I should feel the white jade under consideration, to provide some of this knowledge, basic, entry, comprehensive, so to attract long-term attention to your forum, the accumulated mass base is relatively high! Not in a look, are selling their own things, above Taobao the forum is more comprehensive than you, who would like to see your


2, with the first point: This is almost objective to determine the content, generally speaking, it is best to start to get some more basic knowledge, profound understanding of things is very difficult, can set up a few.

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