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n the troubled times shop operators in the end what is missing

more and more people want to invest to the electricity supplier, to shop, but whether it is mature business businesses, or just to the troubled area businesses, always feel still lack some what? Gone under shop operation in the end what is still missing? We’ll shop from the smallest business – to analyze, in the end in such times, as a qualified shop stores in the end should have what ability, can the

talent shows itself!

shop has been operating novice sellers headache, whether large or small sellers, sellers began to do not know how, in every copy decide on what path to follow? Would think something was lacking, so in the shop operating the most lacking is what


shop missing one: novel

indeed, too much size fits all things to show in front of the buyers, especially for the novice shop sellers, the lack of new things, why should I choose you this credit is not the boss? The best is the new method of talent shows itself! As for their own shop in the end to do to ensure that new shop stores need? You think, not just simple online activities, may also be able to do the activities under the line to


shop missing two: interactive

most online stores and consumers lack basic interaction, in fact, this feeling is not good for consumers. Well, how should you interact with online shop operations? Actually, it’s simple, an email, a message is a good way. And what is the interactive content? In fact, not necessarily a simple greeting, or boring discount information, a product using a return visit is good,


shop missing three: Aftermarket

in fact, this is not just the problem of online shop, and even to the entire big electricity supplier, is a great problem. Many shop stores may not be the manufacturer, so it is difficult to do customer service work, but as the shop owner, like physical stores, should be to safeguard the interests of consumers, and not consider their own interests! But more and more online stores, have forgotten this. In fact, online shop owner from the beginning of the shop, you should think clearly about this problem,


shop missing four: low price = inferior

of course, what we say here is not cheap or not, online shopping can heat up prices accounted for a significant advantage, but the price has become a shop lack of things, why? The prices have become behind the interests of the ghost, too many businesses in order to maximize the pursuit of interests, the defective goods sold to consumers of low quality and low price strategy! A valid, but want to bring long-term interests, make the brand, is almost impossible!

in the troubled times, what exactly is the lack of online store operation? The confusion of the electricity supplier situation, an endless stream of online shop merchants, in fact, too many things need us to improve, but for…

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