July 17

nspiration of Youku potatoes merging to local websites

Youku potatoes as one of the best domestic video website, the combination of both spin up the domestic Internet wave, but even such a powerful group are able to achieve joint? Then we can realize the joint site where it is, in recent years I do website of local experience, can also realize the joint place the website, but must pay attention to the following points before the merger:

1. Pay attention to team communication before merging local websites.


two sites involved and not 2 things, from the website to the website of the heroine users is a big problem, the website wants to realize the merger must first reach an agreement with the team, which is the premise of the site consolidation, even if the station staff are not very agree and, even if you are forced to contact with, after the development will not necessarily lead to people with desire. Before the merger of the website, the two teams must engage in friendly consultations, sign contracts, clear rights and obligations, or lead to a stagnation of the site for a small profit. The clear profits, rights, responsibilities must be in place, and must not appear in the merger of the site, such a problem, that time regret late,


two. Pay attention to user transfer

before merging local sitesFor the

website is the website ranking with similar life and people are similar not far from the site, so the site before the merger must pay attention to the user’s transfer, for example: if the A domain retained, B users should be informed in advance, published in the implementation of the whole process, after the release of this book, the user is transferred to the A website through a series of means, so as to realize the A website hot, the unprecedented development achievement of the website A to A website by way of the ball rolling snowball, eventually A the success of the site, and is also the success of the site.

three. Pay attention to implementation strategy before merging local websites


is two with some well-known local websites, so its influence is extensive, site in the implementation strategy before the merger should be noted, from the merger of Youku and tudou.com can be seen, they hide do well, I suddenly got them yesterday to merge the message, they advance a series of merger process have not been revealed, can be said to fundamentally eliminate the competitor’s attack, let two websites can smooth the merger is successful, and in the two website announced after the merger of the thing is very favorable, first published some people to secure the announcement is released, then some positive strategic measures, fundamentally completed the historic change.


website to realize the merger is not impossible, the key is the webmaster must seize the opportunity, pay attention to with an opportunity to reach consensus, with all measures in place, as long as I want to do this with some it is not difficult to learn, after the merger of unity and cooperation, a team to be competitive, so it belongs to to >

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