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Amoy on the road in front of the tourism circle with bankruptcy can rely on the content of community

"the opportunity to reinvent a new UGC in the tourism industry is now over.". Study on the tourism center ant cellular Feng Rao said to me.

Amoy on the road to bankruptcy, many companies including mafengwo, are feeling heart.

only to the age of 40 cicada travels founder Guo Ziwei, recently also for their own entrepreneurial projects running in VC. Look at the competing products fell to such a field, Guo Ziwei (silver) a tusihubei in "book" the feeling of jane.

"in the way Amoy declared bankruptcy, means that from 2011 to 2016, 5 years in the new to C end travel entrepreneurial team of hundreds of teams, The whole army was wiped out., hundreds of millions of dollars of investment, all come to nothing. "On the road, bread, travel, cicadas, travel notes," the three former mobile Internet in the highly growing soil bred in the mobile side, travel books, start-up companies, have been high hopes. But in the process of exploring the Commercialization Transition, have crashed.

The entrepreneurial environment of

tourism market is more and more dispirited under the impact of cold current. In addition, QiongYou mafengwo, many people are in doubt, the era of mobile travel market prospects. But tycoons are beginning to reexamine the value of the content community.

"what we’re going to do is grab users with content," Ali, director of new travel media, told me excitedly about the community and travel headlines they’ve been doing to Liu Chunlin.

has many contents of community tourism circle, and was re picked up, the tourism market will not take a Jedi may be



"if I don’t leave, I want to play a game, the key is not how to reflect personality defects, but how to find and open market undercurrent. "Although in micro-blog, silver is still the subject of ridicule, but recently more emotion.

think, at the outset, on the road, bread, travel, cicadas travel, as a representative of the mobile Raiders community, in the mobile Internet high growth bonus period, much sought after.

people get good luck, as the winter capital spread, no company can drive a colorful auspicious clouds become subvert Ctrip until only the greatest hero in the world, people are being abandoned capital or self abandoned story.

cicada travels is the first to fall in the three. "Although it is still in maintenance, and will continue to maintain, but 1 years have not invested money into the promotion of natural decline in daily life, natural failure is sooner or later.". And the result was that sterling was known by the end of 2014.

coincidentally, and scouring the road, cicada travels the downfall of is due to the failure of financing. "A failure of financing, four years all is lost." in 2013, I completed the A round of financing, then is only to live. ". In sterling silver, the financing failure in 2013 upset the rhythm of the cicadas’ travels and missed 3 excellent time windows in succession.

produces Sterling Silver

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