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Analysis of website user experience on the national and Web design



the purpose of this paper is to consider and design the user experience of web products from a more humanistic point of view through thinking about the generality and mentality of the contemporary Chinese people. It is called the "on", because the title "national character", is also very sensitive, few articles cannot be said; and my experience is limited, it is difficult to avoid the personal views of the bias; at the same time, we also hope to trigger some reflection. And "Web design" refers to all aspects of user experience design on the network (Figure 1).

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Figure 1: the 4 element of user experience


The issue of national

, nature is not so simple, great country, thousands of years of history, more than one billion of the population, back to the long feudal period, more distinguished class; but it is not so complicated, doubling the last century written in 30s "My Country and My People", is found in the description of their own and the people around. In 80s, when talking about the differences between China and the west, most people would say, "the Chinese are conservative and foreigners are more open." now, occasionally, people say so. Look at Durex’s official website (Figure 2), the mainland version of the carousel advertising more than other versions, the text is fairly straightforward, while Chinese people for this kind of images and text have been accustomed to visible in some aspects is "open" (but all pictures are used in Europe and America photographs of models, there are still subtle "side, after all is transnational corporation’s website, can not be too" naked ").


Figure 2-1: the official website of Durex,

Version (screenshot time: 2012-09-17



Figure 2-2:

(French version of Durex’s official website screenshot time: 2012-09-17



Figure 2-3: the official website of Durex Australia

Version (screenshot time: 2012-09-17



Figure 2-4: Durex

version of the official website of Hongkong (screenshot time: 2012-09-17


cultural differences and national character is infiltrated into the behavior of thought, speech, etc., the social life aspects, not by simple conservative or open a few words to summarize, influence on the design of web is not just the difference of picture selection, copy the tone.

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