July 17

t’s hard to keep on standing

do imperceptibly, has been almost 1 years, in fact, the Internet can be said for many years (because itself is a programmer), I think it’s easy to make a stand, but when I do, I find it very difficult to do


let’s talk about my learning program station’s current situation, when in July 08, I was at the beginning of the site, was once considered for a long time, do what kind of website, pictures?? QQ space code?… but each is my own negative, these sites are so many, I do not any advantage, until the end of the year, I found not to act, never do anything, so I decided to do a study station, because I am a programmer, I have a lot of information, in addition to web this one and are interested in whether web pages or web design. I really love, and I especially love to see excellent works, so I decided to do a web development technology station.

now that it’s decided, do it. The first thing is to choose what may be CMS system, here I see use case online, found a lot of dreams, but also a lot of phpcms, I chose the former, then non-stop to do UI, because I work in the Korea Companies, on the South Korean website more, more love Korean style introduction, I think of this Korean style popular at present, so I picked up a module of a Korean website the style to imitate, because of my own website on the UI requirements are relatively high, spare time so I spent about 2 weeks to do interface, the effect can also be, the children can look for advice or evaluation, here be grateful! Website soon ready, at this time the most important thing is, IDC, I am also through the network to a Shanghai IDC (network is really good ah, vaakav (Kaka), mainly cheap, how the quality, not to say, but also improvise, anyway, I do not have any comments.

here I should mention, so a study by Shanghai police station, notice IDC closed one day, why? Because I wrote a news event, to female events, I think I am not vulgar, there is no any incorrect station (also those pictures and content), but no way, I get the government, so, from that time, I put down the news, I specialize in technical articles, this is not vulgar ~~


write so much, I feel everything is nonsense, do you think? Oh, the focus of this article to my site, at present the quite poor, not what traffic, even so, I still every day and updating my website (because it is his hands, so I love or conceal their stand), I do not collect, because I don’t want to make the garbage station, I really care about the user experience of the website, to the user experience, I put the head of the ads are down, I want to say is, by my interest, there is no way to maintain their own a website always, I confused now.

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