July 17

Analysis of the number of repeat customers is the way to success of content providers’ websites

content provider refers to those dedicated to provide users with the information they need, a type of site and the resulting profits, most of this type of Web site forum, of course, there is also a lot of ordinary site, such as some types of learning website download station, and so on, the content of these sites, many of which are through a lot the acquisition, if are original content, believe that even if is super professional team is also very difficult to complete, but the content of the collection, not simply copy and paste, but through proper classification, merit, or is not able to help the user on your site, if the user does not help it don’t talk about


many people may ask, since it is collected, then the user can search on the web, and then their free download, why come to your website? Of course, this is the characteristics of the Internet information asymmetry to obtain a certain profit, of course, more is the website can use these free content to gather a large number of through a lot of popularity, and high quality of the original, the user can generate tangible help, the nature is the true toll!

but now want to let users just buy content, it is not easy, especially some just on the line near the site, or not high profile sites, many users are stingy, so simple too stingy to pull out a hair, on the site to set up a fee to download, is not correct, the user will only turn into loyal users of the site, this time to let users spend money, it would be easy to do a lot of the visible content provider website, the first task is to enhance the number of loyal users on the site, here I come to the simple analysis about


1: salespeople need to understand the psychology of consumers shopping

In fact,

for content providers website, actually is their website content as a commodity, he is a salesman, sell your goods to your website, then if you understand consumer psychology, so it is easy to modify the user experience of the website, a consumers quickly sinking hesitation the heart, so that these users are willing to spend money on the possibility of a high, otherwise the site is hard to make these consumers bleeding! And understanding of consumer psychology, an important step, that is to interact with the way consumers, only through communication can understand their mentality, but also the only way to to find a feasible method to


two: guide users to love your website


know the user’s psychological, it should be next to guide them to love on your site, so that there is a possibility that they can become your site on the back, then how to guide? You can’t go to the individual propaganda, the best way is by nature made a series of system, such as you through the SEO optimization, others through the Baidu search engine to find the need to download the useful content on your site at this time, you need to let these people simply.

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