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[case] Why is the convenience store in Japan so successful


convenience store through a thorough analysis of the POS data daily, the analysis results to predict the amount of orders and reasonable orders based on the active introduction of selling goods and new products, unsalable goods promptly remove, and adjust the display shelves to enhance sales and inventory. Throughout the development of small formats in Japan, there are several characteristics that reflect the trend of retail format development, and will also bring some enlightenment to the transformation of China’s retail industry.

/ Nomura Research, Wang Yan,

is currently in the country, the overall slowdown in the retail industry, rent, labor costs continue to rise the competition environment, the large retail enterprises began to appear polarization between enterprises began to accelerate mergers and acquisitions. In 2013 alone, the number of closed stores in the national department stores reached 23, and the total number of closed supermarkets in the Department of foreign investment reached 28, and China’s retail industry is facing an unprecedented severe test.

in fact, the retail business in Japan 20 years ago also experienced the same economic downturn brought about by the blow. Around 1990, Japan’s economy, with the stagnation of population growth, was in a period of low tide. From 1990 to 2013, the average growth rate of Japan’s economy was less than 1%, and negative growth occurred many times during the period. The retail format in Japan has changed a lot as a result. According to statistics, in 2001 -011, department stores overall market size dropped by 29.8%, large supermarkets have shrunk significantly to 28.2%.

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has grown in the past ten years, the first is the convenience store, drugstore and other non store sales (including communication sales and sales network). Judging from the effectiveness of various formats, the convenience store to 1 million 400 thousand yen / square meter value of the top of the various formats. In 2012, convenience stores accounted for 5 of the top 10 enterprises in Japan’s retail chains, 7-11 of them at the top.

looking at the development of small format in Japan, showing several characteristics, reflecting the development trend of retail formats, will also bring some enlightenment to the transformation of China’s retail industry.

Japan convenience store format development background

Japan’s convenience store business model is introduced from the United States in the last century, in 70s 80s, with the rising proportion of women into the society, increasing demand for convenient 24 hour convenience store, rapid expansion, has been accepted by the society at the same time, has become an important part of the retail industry in japan.

in 90s, Japan began to enter the period of economic downturn, the development of various large commercial formats was blocked. But because of the small retail formats are less influenced by the economic situation, the convenience store enterprises to strengthen the ability to store operations, to expand the product category and type of service, the convenience store has been further developed in 90s. After entering 2000, the Japanese government relaxed restrictions on the convenience store enterprise distribution category, banking, ATM and other financial services into

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