July 17

Creative ideas for the first free shopping network in China

in today’s e-commerce market, online trading volume is getting higher and higher, then, if you can engage in this, it is also a choice. Many friends do SEO, in fact, do to do, and they just earn a little money, mainly to help others earn money. I’ve been wanting to do an online shopping site a long time ago, but I haven’t been able to find a good marketing model. Has been stranded; I often think of a matter can be successful, consider three questions: 1, my station has what characteristics; 2, what others want to go to my station, 3, my profit model there,


the first point is about features. It’s very important. No site features, will directly determine the stay of popularity, and no one will be to your station; shopping site features there? Price? Product? Facing different regions? According to the different customers? These are not enough to be your biggest website features. The biggest feature is the marketing model is completely different from others,


second is about what others want to go to my station. The individual feels is to seriously consider the issue! To others on your website, in addition to features make him feel novel, but also more things to keep hold of his people, his heart! For example, simply said, we often see beautiful pictures on the Internet to see QQ, if a site for each beauty diagram are written on the beauty of the QQ, think of how high the attraction! (I once had a station, this month, IP reached 1000, PV has reached more than 20000, horrible! Was later shut down

network monitoring station)A

third is also very critical, with good features, good attraction, there is no way to make money, everything is empty! Here is my creative experience: legacy network, the old rules, in order to answer three questions:

1, I stand: what are the characteristics of


2, why should other people go to my station: free

3, my profit model is over there: manufacturer

is so strange, even 100 yuan worth of products, you sell 1 yuan of money on the Internet, if he is not, can not attract his desire to buy, but free is completely different, some online products are all free, free of charge. Many people are willing to buy. Think for you, for you to consider, this is not the reason? The Internet, there is no such website! Although there are a lot of the free resources free gifts website, but it is completely different from this website. The website makes out, it is to give free product to go out, can not welcome?


about the profit pattern, this problem is the need to publicly say clearly, otherwise there is no good profit model, to develop is too difficult; if all products are free to send out, send you 10 Fen per person, more money will be sent out, then how about profit: start from the factory


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