July 17

A no flow of webmaster tired and happy

from contact computers to independent stations, I spent about 5 years. From independent stand to promotion, I’m still studying, this is a long process, bring me is tired and happy……

in 2003, I entered the university with great excitement. Although it is not a famous university, it is not a higher institution. But from the moment of going to school, I decided to go to learn professional, no matter how future employment. Speaking of major, I studied e-commerce. Talking about 03 years of e-commerce, at that time, the profession, this term is speculation has been bustling with activity. The school is full of professionals and the recruitment of enterprises is bubbling with excitement. And when I chose the word, I just knew it was like doing business on the computer. And for the computer, even boot, shutdown, have no way to start.

The first class

school, I tremble with fear with students at the bottom, looking at the game, people start, how good, how handsome. This more firmly my desire for computers. I swear to myself that I want to build a website of my own. In 2006, I graduated. Then I changed, arrogant, arrogant. Because I exceed the skilled master at school. As for society, I am still a frog. Since then, I jumped out of the well on the road, desperately looking for a job, looking for a job, but the result has been rejected again and again by society.

in 2008, one of my colleagues made his own personal website. And this time I, in the station is still zero breakthrough. At this point I began my first site, www.uxbaby.com.cn, which has been in contact with my computer for five years. I found out that I was a stupid and stupid rookie.

is a rookie rookie, understanding is always slower than others. The site is ready, and I’m like them. Log in every day, go to the website every day, pick up the articles and send them to the top (now they call Update). Also on the Google code, as if to make money (for a period of time, every day I logged on to Google, income, simply possessed). The site has been propped up every day, and PR once reached 4., when I was too proud to be proud. Even sent to the friendship link, disdain to do. Canoe difficult forest, this idea in PR up on the road, I was completely out of.

before today, a good friend to call, chatted about the site (he is now engaged in the website SEO work, set up a website shopping network www.gouwuyouhui.cn). He believes that my website has a lot of room for development, and gave me a lot of suggestions (update, originality, website internal connection optimization, friendship links, etc.), I began to find the direction again. Like a lost lamb, back to the flock.

right now, I’m still on my new road, and the site will pay more than 60 dollars a month. I don’t think it’s important. The direction is found, will the profit go far?

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