July 17

Dedecms novice imitation station 6 skills

has been using the dedecms simulator for 2 years, and has never been skilled and experienced some ups and downs. Often meet the rankings have not been, or without reason by K. Believe that many webmaster also have the same experience, in the final analysis is the experience is too little reason. Practice makes perfect, imitation of many stations, naturally found a number of laws, write down their experience, let the novice less detours.

1. select template:

must find the ranking on the home page top website (not to do the promotion of the website), ranked in the top of the website must have his forte, "structure should be clear and clean, easy to modify the code to clear logic.

2. modify template:

After the

template copy can not be the same, except the structure after the DEDE code processing also need to modify the site and layout, you can write a part of yourself, from other sites to find some good modules added if not write the words. Build your own website template just like building blocks.

3. website analysis:

each site contains the efforts of the webmaster, in order to get good rankings, will use a lot of optimization methods. So it’s a required course to analyze the sites you want to imitate. Through some web tools for analysis of the website, such as he did what the chain, in what place do the chain, keyword density ratio is, the writing method, is original or reproduced and so on.

How to optimize


site after it involves the key problem of "optimization", how to do website optimization articles online is a lot and I will not repeat them here, to the Baidu GOOGLE about it, here only briefly about how I do optimization: write text, links, forum posting these steps are is to be done, in addition to the site must have a module is to write their own original articles (Baidu spider love original article), other parts can be reproduced or pseudo original.

5. persevere:

the first 3 points in general a few days can be completed, the fourth point is the most important to "persistence", 1,2 to write original articles released to the webmaster forum every day, for example: Admin5 Chinaz, a website will reprint your article by editing the audit, will give you the a lot of the chain, hard-working people will be in favor of the Baidu spider.

6. note:

do not frequently change IP, keyword, Title, page module, the site does not have to open pages, update the article when you want to check.

to sum up, it is my imitation station a little skill, in the old hand seems to have shortcomings, please forgive me, I believe the novice will have some help. This article originates from divcss3 DIV>

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