July 17

Buying and selling links Ten superstitions in chain Trading four

everyone, A5’s friends, Hello, I’m a professional link seller here, my QQ is 88124886, haven’t written for a long time, the reason is very simple, because I have been busy. It’s been a long time since the ten big superstitions and three drafts, and some of my friends and my QQ urged me to write the whole. I always miss this! But it is too busy, no man ah, have to fight for the three meter bow. No way out。 Ha ha,


begins today to write fourth episodes of the ten great superstitions. Here are the first three episodes. Interested friends can take a look at it,

buying and selling links: Ten superstitions in chain Trading (1)

trading links: ten major superstitions in link Trading (two)

trading links: ten major superstitions in link Trading (three)

What’s the topic of



links in the sale of the ten major superstition four: superstition link, do it, ranking will appear immediately.

in fact, this superstition is very funny, I believe you should know all the experts, one-way outside the chain influence site ranking effect is very obvious, but not by doing it will appear immediately.

of course, because the site is more, so the customer contact surface is relatively large (the current long-term renewal of old customers has reached 200, so some cases).

a customer, in the purchase of my link, the first Baidu cycle, there has been the top ten phenomenon. Very abnormal. The customer of the jubilant told me: "you are God! Just do a few days, my ranking will give Biao up!" I’m happy for his side, she felt unbelievable, so I told him: "either you good luck, or is Baidu in the adjustment. Since May, Baidu has been abnormal, phoenix nest system launched, the algorithm is constantly adjusted, so some of the results are incorrect. I’m a little suspicious. Next time you update your ranking, it’s gone." Indeed, the second Baidu update cycle, his ranking dropped down. This time he was anxious, so I suggest to A5 intermediary a batch of links, or buy some links carefully. Because my customers read all of my link sales series after all, although not a master of the connection, but also as an entry, so choose the latter, personally to buy. I bought about forty or fifty, but I haven’t heard anything for more than half a month. Customer is depressed, and came to me and said: "why do I now buy so many ranking has not happened?" so I told him: "the general ranking, need 15 to more than a month before, you don’t have to worry, slightly so." Just after I said this, the first Baidu update cycle, his station has climbed up, in addition to the snapshot can not keep up, ranking is safe, when sitting there.

on the issue of snapshot, here I will not do more discussions, often A5 people know, since May, accompanied by Baidu phoenix nest system >

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