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Case study the development of vertical electricity supplier

electricity supplier development to today, competition has become increasingly fierce. Electricity providers can generally be divided into platform type electricity supplier and vertical type of two types of electricity supplier. With the development of the electricity supplier, vertical electric business a lot before now to the platform based electricity supplier development, such as the beginning of Dangdang only sell books, Dangdang now has developed into a department store, including Jingdong, Amazon, Kuba are the development train of thought. However, some vertical electricity supplier or adhere to the vertical line of electricity providers, fine farming in an industry. Today, I select a number of well-known vertical electric providers, their development inspiration and prospects to do an analysis.

glasses: you can get glasses net.

was founded in 2007 and is currently the sales champion for eyewear B2C.

The development of

access network:

1) to find the right breakthrough: consumers need to wear glasses in order to know whether for himself, therefore not suitable for online shopping, and do not need to contact lenses astigmatism and IPD and other professional data, consumers only need to follow their usual wear degree and brand to buy, but within a year, consumers have a number of consumer demand, so contact lenses and fmcg. As a high standard of fast consumer goods, starting from this point, cut into e-commerce is very suitable.

2) initial competitors less: because when the network was created, the line of traditional stores more attention to frame glasses, so did not enter the e-commerce. In addition, in 2008, because Taobao did not have the "medical device business license", thus withdraw from the competition in this field, the development and expansion of the network can be created very good conditions.

3) low price strategy: available online, Johnson and other brands of Bausch & Lomb lenses of the price will be cheaper than the store at least 1/3.

4) Internet marketing: available network, mainly using internet marketing, and major league sites launched CPS cooperation, through the major rebate network, and actively engage in word of mouth marketing. But because often engage in promotions, launched free coupons, orders fanquan, the free shipping and other activities, bring a lot of orders for the available network, is attracting more and more members of the available network membership exceeded 4 million in November 2011.

future development ideas:

currently available network on-line glasses, but I think this is not much space for development, because the glasses must try to this model, the current situation will not have much development. We can get the network manager said to do offline stores, I believe that this is of great significance to the development of the network can be obtained, but the available network, offline stores should be based on experience or supplemented by sales, is the need for careful consideration. In fact, how to combine online and offline is a difficult problem that can be obtained by the internet. On the whole, the prospects for the network are promising.

clothing: vancl.

old founded

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