July 17

Make a profitable place to stand on these moves

read a lot of webmaster writing articles, there are many technical strategies, there are many operational strategies. In fact, some people may know, but did not point out. With the attitude of learning, I would like to share my experience with you.

many webmaster think download a program down, change to their LOGO, think like other people receive silver; also some webmaster just do play, anyway, have time;

do local stations, if you do not have the mentality of money, do not, to waste time to friends and loved ones. If you don’t plan to spend a little money, don’t do it. Think it’s possible to buy a program for dozens of dollars. There are lots of online programs that you can easily get, and the people in your area are also easy to get.

Here I

some experience, before the experience to get in a word, do not do big and complete the local portal site, although the procedure is easy to find, but ultimately "site" is how dead you are not clear; don’t consider doing forum, forum thankless, earn a few popular but also wasted a lot of time to promote. The following is prefecture level city. If your county is large enough, there are many special enterprises, which is an exception. I only talk about local industry websites.

1. Competitiveness analysis of local websites

1, first look at how many websites you do in your local industry, and show that people who are doing it see opportunities to make money;

2, and then look at the way they charge, website ads, members, offline activities, sponsorship, etc.,

3, understand their influence and strength, if the influence and strength, ha ha, don’t want to share a cup of soup, unless you are talented, more money;

4, if the third is no problem, and then analyze their website update speed and original data, through the analysis of the other operators can professional standards and personnel distribution (including pictures, text layout level standards, the original article was… Etc.), no other company can go to the analysis of them, of course

, need some experience;

5, now look at them with what procedures; all original development? All buy? After buying two times development? Through the analysis program, they can understand the procedures and coordination of the industry to adapt to meet the needs of the customers whether the. Many online programs are developed purely by technicians. There is little consideration for customer experience, how to write or refer to other programs, and not the essence or essentials. Through this, you know what you should do more,

6, Baidu and GOOGLE to check their site keywords ranking, if you do rankings, how long can do on the first page? If your schedule and profit expectations coordination? Cannot coordinate, too slow, spend a little money to get the first page (the province out of money, printed promotional materials the information as do rankings, because the Internet talent website)

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