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Decoding Taobao union 2014 mystery product queqiao

recently, Taobao guest ring bustling, new Taobao products guests are discussed in Ali mother’s Taobao alliance codenamed "Queqiao". This product is for the bridge outside speculation. Officials are tight lipped, tempt the appetite for everyone. The day before the official Taobao alliance Alibaba in Hangzhou city held a Taobao headquarters entitled "focus." create a line of communication will be a total of more than 200 businesses participating, the official also officially opened the first foreign "Queqiao" the mystery of


Taobao customers and businesses "pain point":

Taobao alliance has a large user base. However, for businesses and Taobao customers, there are a few problems that make them very upset.

for businesses, very difficult to find high-quality Taobao customers, while facing the quality of Taobao off predicament is that his own flow on hand, but it is difficult to find a high conversion rate of the goods and businesses willing to sell their satisfaction with the commission.

A Taobao customer "

in the presence of a small army" that many people say: "I have a website, there are more than 30 registered users of W, but spend a lot of time looking for high-quality goods, most businesses will be put to the minimum. The Commission category when looking for high-quality business communication are no to find people from the union background mostly want customer service. "


bridge: interactive investment platform.

is in charge of the project 2, Queqiao is an interactive investment platform. What is the interactive investment platform



according to small two introduced, interactive investment platform on the line, Taobao customers can sign up with businesses directly want to contact, but also targeted investment, but also to promote other Taobao customers to complete the promotion page. Secondly, in the operation, Taobao customers can set one or more promotional activities, and custom business conditions, such as the commission ratio, pushing the main categories of goods, and meet the requirements of the business registration, the Taobao customer audit, and the official will provide a template, the little mouse will be able to complete a custom promotion page this page is similar to the Taobao product sale page (http://s.temai.taobao.com/preview.htm? Id=47), the domain name is also Taobao. On the meeting, the author took part Queqiao product shots,.

share with you hereFigure 1

, in the background of Taobao alliance, Taobao customers can initiate self-help investment activities, is the starting and ending time and the registration number. You can choose the shop open to all sellers, can also set oriented activities, such as cooperation with some quality businesses exclusive activities.


, figure 2:

After Taobao

off set up the activity of basic information, you can choose the official template generated pages will also with the Taobao sale header, single product without love > Taobao jump

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