July 17

Advantages profit models and prospects of regional recruitment websites

with the enterprises and individuals more rapid development of the network and started to complete the recruitment and job search process through the Internet, the advantages of online recruitment network recruitment form gradually revealed, also get more enterprises and authorized users. The network recruitment market shows the coexistence of many kinds of network recruitment forms based on the comprehensive portal recruitment website.

compared with the traditional Internet media recruitment investment return rate decreased gradually, the temptation of online recruitment market prospects to attract many traditional media have helped make the transition, capital market network recruitment in more by four, in the mainstream recruitment websites have had a lot of money at the same time, local, professional photos began to favor.

it is estimated that the number of China’s online recruitment enterprises has reached tens of thousands, and service innovation has become an important indicator of enterprise survival. Regional recruitment sites are sure to get a slice of it.

regional recruitment Web site has the following advantages:

1.: the accuracy of local enterprises a lot of recruiting general workers, job seekers to local personnel

2. low cost: for small and medium enterprises, the cost of entering the local talent website is much lower than the large integrated talent website

3. interactive: local talent website has the corresponding job recruitment QQ group, looking for work colleagues can make more friends

4. after-sales service: you can interview, according to the requirements of enterprises or individuals to customize the corresponding recruitment program

operation and profit model

1, enterprise membership fee: monthly or annual membership fee

2, site recruitment: collect booth fee

3, enterprise advertising fee: website advertising fee

profit model and opportunities for future recruitment sites:

1, value-added services: with the continuous development of online recruitment market, business owners will not only meet the recruitment services, integration of enterprise training, talent assessment, human resources management and other functions of the human resource integration service will be more and more small and medium-sized enterprises in favor of the main. Recruitment website development of service function will be the trend of network recruitment market development.

2, cooperation and development: the local recruitment website has strong regional advantages and resources, and the advantages and resources for apartment layout recruitment website is more appealing to the door, the door apartment layout recruitment Web site and the local recruitment site for cooperation or acquisition activities in various forms will be the network recruitment market development trend.

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